These Bridesmaids Carried Rescue Puppies Instead of Flowers

wedding party with puppies We've all seen brides upstaged by adorable flower girls and ring bearers, but one couple opted to include several special guests in their wedding party who were all but guaranteed to steal the show. Bride and groom Sarah and Matt Crain made their big day that much more special by having bridesmaids carry rescue puppies instead of bouquets


This celebration of "puppy love" was captured beautifully by photographer Caroline Logan, who is beyond thrilled that her work and these picture-perfect pooches have garnered so much attention.

Logan told CafeMom that when she shot her first wedding at age 14, she never imagined that her pics would someday go viral. She noted that although throwing six rambunctious puppies into the mix definitely brought "an added challenge" (a euphemism, we're sure!), it also created a sense of calm among the wedding party.

The photographer explains: 

It also caused the bridal party to be more at ease. Having something to divert attention from that uncomfortable 'Oh my goodness, I'm getting my picture taken... what do I do with my hands?!' feeling to pure puppy bliss made for relaxed photos where the bridal party was able to focus on interacting with the fun-loving puppies as I documented it all unfold.

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Even the groomsmen got into the act. Warning: unbelievable cuteness ahead.

wedding party with puppies

So, how did the idea come about? Sarah, who has served on the board of directors for Pitties Love Peace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation in Central Pennsylvania, wanted to give the pups a brighter future as she embarks on her own happily-ever-after.

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wedding party with puppies

Did the newlyweds hand out puppies in lieu of wedding favors? Not quite, but ... ready for the best part? The puppies are up for adoption via the rescue's website, or visit the Facebook page for updated photos of their dogs, Logan suggests. 

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Logan says you couldn't help but smile around these boxer-coonhound puppies, who just happen to be sisters named after the original five First Ladies: Martha, Abigail, Dolley, Elizabeth, and Louisa. 

"The bridal party loved it," Logan adds. "From the minute the puppies came bounding around the corner exploring their new surroundings, the bridesmaids were gushing about how cute they were and didn't hesitate in scooping them up to snuggle them, even in their pristine dresses. It was a dream for everyone. The pit bull the bride is holding is a nine-week old rescue pup from the streets of Brooklyn, lovingly referred to as 'Biggie Smalls.'"

We all know that weddings can spark hair-raising (or, in this case, fur-raising) drama, so we asked the photographer if these canines behaved themselves.

"Thankfully there was no puppy drama, no accidents, and no dresses harmed in the making of the photos," she says. "In fact, the puppies caused the photos to be extra natural, candid, and carefree -- exactly what I strive for in my work.

"The wedding party was loving all the puppy snuggles."



Images via Caroline Logan

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