Binge Watching TV Can Save Your Relationship -- & No, We're Not BS-ing You

For many years, experts have been telling us how crucial it is that you don't become one of those couples who use TV time as a means of bonding. And it kinda sucked, but it made sense -- it's a cautionary tale about becoming complacent. 


But just because it's technically good advice doesn't mean you can't enjoy some QT on the couch. And with that said, we've got some great news! A group of researchers recently found that watching TV shows together provides a bond similar to the one created when couples have a mutual group of friends. Yes, we're rolling out an infinite row of praise hand emojis too.

The study, conducted by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, found that this is the case with other forms of media as well -- from movies to books that you both enjoy together. 

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This tends to be more helpful for couples who don't have a shared circle of friends because they essentially create social niches vicariously through the featured characters.

The researchers further elaborated in an article for the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships:

Previously, sharing a social world with a partner has been conceptualized in terms of sharing real-world social experiences .... However, creating these experiences may not always be possible. Fortunately, humans are remarkably flexible in finding ways to fulfill their social needs ... When people's need for social connections are undermined, they turn to a variety of social surrogates that provide alternate pathways to meet this need.

Although it seems a bit crazy because it's almost an act of delusion, it totally makes sense. There's something to be said for the bond that you create with the characters as you invest in any quality television series, so it's not so hard to believe that that bond can be shared among those who you tune in with.

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Quartz simplifies the concept in a brief nutshell, explaining in their article:

Using the characters in a TV show as subjects for gossip or for discussion of traits and behavior, or even for shared projection of fantasy, can do the same for a couple as talking about shared acquaintances -- and give them the same necessary sense of belonging.

Say no more! We'll definitely be using this information to our advantage as the fall TV season fastly approaches.

And, now we know for a fact this will be used to shut down any married person who tries to tell us TV is bad for our relationship. Yep! Prepared to be schooled. 


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