12 Women Share the Crazy Highs & Lows of Finding Love After 30

A friend of mine is going out on a date this weekend. It'll be her first date after the breakup of her long-term relationship, and the first time dating in her 30s (she's 35). She's nervous -- but I'm fascinated. What's it like dating like as a fully formed grown-up, and not as a twentysomething who is still trying to figure everything out? 


While I wait for my buddy to survive her first coffee date with the promising guy she met online, I decided to ask some other women who've found love after their 20s to tell me their stories.

Turns out, falling in love at 30, 40, and 50 (and beyond!) is fun and messy and confusing and, when it works, so totally worth it.

They say there is nothing like young love, but click on for some stories of women who might disagree.


Image via iStock.com/svetikd; unsplash/Wilson Sánchez

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