What Really Makes Men Swipe Right on Tinder

Stephanie Booth | Sep 16, 2016 Love & Sex
What Really Makes Men Swipe Right on Tinder

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Whether you roll your eyes at online dating (but secretly do it anyway) or depend on it for your weekend plans, your profile pic COUNTS. Can you even remember a time when you didn't know what "swipe right" meant?

But what gets a prospective partner to do so isn't only your appearance. (Sort of.) The folks at RomanceGoals.com showed several hundred people 600 profile pics, asked 'em to swipe R or L, then analyzed what motivated 'em to do so.

Think you know what makes for a killer profile pic? Click through and prove it.


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  • Hungry? Sure you are

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    Know THE most popular location to take a profile pic? Nope, it's not a Blazers game.

    Women who snap a photo while at a restaurant earn a 62 percent swipe-right rate. We're going to resist inserting a joke here about how the way to a man's heart is through his stomach because it's not 1952, but still.

  • Water, water everywhere

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    Whether you vacay at the beach, shore, or coast, you+sand+surf= a (literally) hot pic. Beachy profile pics have a swipe-right rate of just over 60 percent. Almost as attractive as you chowing down on a sub, apparently.

  • Maybe save the wine for later

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    Women whose profile pic was taken at a bar or with a drink in hand were swiped right nearly 40 percent of the time. Not bad, but you can do better.

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  • Leave your bathroom

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    Sure, your kids think you look #cute when you're all wide-eyed in your bathroom mirror, putting on mascara. But bathroom pics fare even worse than those bar pics.


  • Get out of your car

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    Maybe if you have a Tesla, Tinder users would be impressed. But seeing you behind the wheel of your minivan or four-door whatsit? Not a turn-on except in very unrealistic rom-coms. Only 26.1 percent of men saw a profile pic like this and were like, "Yes, please!"

  • Stay solo

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    Just because you love your friends doesn't mean they need to be in your profile pic. And the more buddies in your frame, the less likely a man is to swipe right. Maybe they think they'll never truly get you alone?

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  • Go full-frontal

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    Full-body shots are hella more popular than those that show just your face.

  • Smile like you mean it (or not!)

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    News flash: Men on Tinder don't care so much about your facial expression. If they have to choose, they'll prefer that you smile WITH teeth. But that preference is followed closely by smiling WITHOUT teeth.

    And even if you upload a pic of you NOT smiling at all, your swipe-right rate only dips by about 5 percent.

  • Play dress up

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    Pull out your fave dress and heels. Out of all the clothing you can wear for your pic, formal wear is most likely to get a dude to swipe right. The close runner-up is "casual clothing," which we'd like to think means pajamas but probably doesn't.

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