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See Couple Married 57 Years Recreate 'The Notebook' in Stunning Photo Shoot

Love & Sex Liz Alterman Sep 9, 2016

couple recreates notebookDon't believe in happily-ever-afters? Think again! These Oklahoma sweethearts, who have so far enjoyed 57 years of wedded bliss, celebrated their decades-long relationship in a completely innovative and charming way. Clemma and Sterling Elmore recreated scenes from the romantic drama The Notebook and prove that lasting love can and does exist. 

Complete with a vintage blue pickup truck, love letters, and 1940s garb, the lovebirds posed for gorgeous photos captured to perfection in the capable hands of Mary Evelyn Photography by Stacy Welch-Christ.

It was the couple's granddaughter Amber who arranged for the stunning shoot that mimics the popular novel-turned-film. What an amazing idea.

"Each shot was just pure love," Welch-Christ told CafeMom.   

Look at these gorgeous images and prepare to fall in love with this beautiful couple. And remember, if Clemma's a bird, Sterling's a bird. 


Image via Mary Evelyn Photography by Stacy Welch-Christ

1It Was Love at First Sight

The couple wed after just four short months of dating, way back in 1959. While Sterling says he knew the moment he saw her that she was the girl he'd marry, it was actually Clemma who proposed. So bold for the '50s, right?

2A Shoulder to Lean On

Just like the fictional couple in The Notebook, Clemma told the photographer that while posing she was remembering all the times Sterling was there for her.

"She was thinking about those times that Sterling stood by her when they suffered a loss and when she had colon cancer --  that he had stood by her in much the same way that Noah stood by Allie," Welch-Christ said.

3Eyes Only for Each Other

When asked about the secret to enduring love, Clemma says the couple says "I love you" to each other as many as 10 times a day. So sweet. Those are words no one tires of hearing from their partner.

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4A Once-in-a-Lifetime Love

Moved by the shoot, Welch-Christ called the couple's marriage "truly inspiring." She added that she and her husband are also a great team. Working together, they bring their girls to every shoot.

"We try to to make the experience fun, laid-back, and so that when it's all done, they leave with our hugs and think, 'Wow, that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be and I wish it wasn't over!'"

Something tells us Clemma and Sterling were probably feeling that and more!  

5Together Forever

Welch-Christ referred to the Elmores as two of the sweetest people she's met and regards this photo shoot as her favorite one yet. How could it not be? The artist, who named her photography business after her two deceased grandmothers, says Clemma volunteered to step in and be her surrogate grandma knowing the depth of loss she was feeling. How thoughtful. 

6Treasuring Each Moment

Look how Sterling acts almost shy and nervous around the love of his life! Perhaps, for some, those early butterflies still flit from time to time. 

8Setting the Scene

Props no doubt helped the couple really get into character.

"With Clemma and Sterling, I told them to feel like they were our movie stars, to not be nervous and just enjoy the moment and the memory," Welch-Christ told CafeMom. "They were so relaxed and natural from that moment."

9Side-by-Side for Life

This picture really illustrates how no matter what has come the couple's way, the two are always standing side by side, united, and there for each other. What a beautiful example to set for their family. 

10Life Is Sweeter When Shared

Don't you wonder what these lovebirds are laughing about? This had to be so much fun for the pair to share. It's fantastic that even after nearly 60 years together, they're still making new memories together. 

11Love Letters

Whether a prop for the shoot or the real thing, these love letters showcase the beauty and youthfulness of Clemma's hands. What a lovely image.

12A Kiss

Clemma and Sterling's bond leaps through the screen, doesn't it? Their photo shoot resonates with so many fans of Welch-Christ's Facebook page because it's unfortunately so rare these days. The photographer says she's thrilled the photos are garnering so much attention.

13True Love

In the spirit of the Nicholas Sparks's bestselling tale, the Elmores penned sweet notes to each other and pasted them into their very own keepsake notebook. So precious! 

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14Polaroids & Perfect Sentiments

After all these years, this couple's love is stronger than ever. Look what they wrote to each other:

"You are my life and my true love. Love you always and forever." -- Clemma

"You are God's gift to me and I love you." -- Sterling Elmore

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