12 Dating Nightmares That Can Only Happen to Moms

Back in the day, it used to take me HOURS to get ready for a date. There was choosing the right outfit, calling my friends on the phone to confirm my outfit choice, doing my hair and makeup until every last lash was just perfect. I thought dating was complicated back then. I really can't imagine doing it now!


This is both because I'm happily married (so the whole dating thing is frowned upon) and because I have kids. I barely have time to shave my legs, let alone get prepped to look cute for a night on the town. 

But I do have some friends who are entering the dating world again as single moms after divorces and I am so rooting for them to find love again. 

The path to love, though -- especially for a dating mom -- can be rocky. Read on for some totally awkward dating moments that could only happen to a mom (#11? SO CREEPY!).


Image via iStock.com/Voyagerix

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