13 Men Give Their Brutally Honest Thoughts About Marriage

Wendy Robinson | Sep 2, 2016 Love & Sex
13 Men Give Their Brutally Honest Thoughts About Marriage

According to friends of mine, I'm lucky. See, my husband is a writer and a teacher and a TALKER. He makes his living with words, so I don't often have to wonder what he's thinking. In fact, in our house it is usually him that is starting most conversations. I recognize that this might not be the norm for most couples, so I was intrigued to interview some real-life husbands to find out what things they think about but maybe don't share with their partners. 

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Turns out, there is a LOT more going on in their brains than just football scores and boobs -- not that we just assume that, right? Men aren't always known for divulging their deepest and darkest emotions, but the truth is that their wives really do want to know what's going on. We asked some husbands to share what goes on in those brains of theirs. The good, the bad, and the ugly -- we want to know it all. The truth? Men have a lot of fears and insecurities that are similar to our own!

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Read on for some surprising and some awfully sweet thoughts on everything from money to parenting and, yes, even sex. Names have been withheld, because how else would I get them to talk?

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  • Love Handle

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    "I don't think my wife realizes that I'm kinda self-conscious about my love handles. Sometimes she pinches them and I feel like that is unfair. She'd be so mad if I pinched her belly roll! Guys care about how they look, too."

  • Don't Be So Bossy

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    "I am totally capable of cleaning. I lived alone for almost 10 years, after all! But I don't clean because my wife gets too bossy and wants me to do it her way. Listen, honey, either let me clean it my way or stop complaining about doing it all yourself!" 

  • Money Trouble

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    "We're pretty broke right now and it makes me feel really sh-tty. Even though we both work, I still feel like it is on me to make sure my family is taken care of. Seeing my wife worry about making the mortgage payment makes me feel like a failure as a man." 

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  • I Don't Care

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    "My wife has stretch marks. I pretend I don't see them. Of course I see them. I just don't care. The only thing I hate about them is that they make HER feel less sexy. Trust me, when she is up for sex, I'm all about it, stretch marks and all."

  • Don't Laugh

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    "I don't think I've ever told my wife how much it bugs me when she laughs at all the dumb husband commercials or TV shows. I'm not a dumb husband and I'm not her third child. That sh-t is offensive." 

  • Dad Love

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    "I will love her forever even though we are going through a seperation right now. She gave me my daughter." 

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  • Who Do You Love?

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    "My girlfriend is an awesome mom. Like, the best. But sometimes I think she loves our kids more than she loves me. I think I am like third on her list and that bums me out sometimes." 

  • Married Up

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    "I think most dudes probably think this, but I married up. WAY UP. She is smarter and better than I am. I don't tell her this because I don't want her to realize that she could probably do better than me."

  • Baby Daddy

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    "Sometimes, I can't believe I'm married with a kid! I still feel like a punk kid most of the time. Now I have a real job and real house and I'm a baby daddy. I miss being a dumb kid when life feels like it is full of hassles but I love my kid, for sure." 

  • Kick Them Out

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    "We are a co-sleeping family and I HATE IT. My wife is totally sold on all the attachment parenting stuff and it isn't worth the fight but I can't wait until we kick the kids out of our bed. I hate sleeping with a 2-year-old's foot in my ribs." 

  • She Works Hard

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    "Our life would fall apart if my wife wasn't running the show. I am a slacker compared to her. She works really hard at work and at home. I wish she'd relax a little more but she gets pissed if I say that." 

  • What I Do All Day

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    "I think my job is easier than hers but I don't tell her that because I get paid a lot more. She is a teacher and I do sales. Sometimes my job is literally to go golfing and have some beers. I do have long hours and I'm glad to make a good salary but I don't tell her about some of the fun stuff."

  • Not a Robot

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    "I've been accused of not having feelings. I do have feelings. I think my wife just doesn't understand that I wasn't raised to talk about stuff like that. My dad was a real strict miliatary guy. His dad was a farmer. I come from a long line of stoic non-talkers. But I do have feelings. I'm not a robot."

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