13 Men Give Their Brutally Honest Thoughts About Marriage

According to friends of mine, I'm lucky. See, my husband is a writer and a teacher and a TALKER. He makes his living with words, so I don't often have to wonder what he's thinking. In fact, in our house it is usually him that is starting most conversations. I recognize that this might not be the norm for most couples, so I was intrigued to interview some real-life husbands to find out what things they think about but maybe don't share with their partners. 


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Turns out, there is a LOT more going on in their brains than just football scores and boobs -- not that we just assume that, right? Men aren't always known for divulging their deepest and darkest emotions, but the truth is that their wives really do want to know what's going on. We asked some husbands to share what goes on in those brains of theirs. The good, the bad, and the ugly -- we want to know it all. The truth? Men have a lot of fears and insecurities that are similar to our own!

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Read on for some surprising and some awfully sweet thoughts on everything from money to parenting and, yes, even sex. Names have been withheld, because how else would I get them to talk?

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