The Age of Mess-Free Period Sex Is Finally Here, Ladies

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Your period has a funny sense of humor. You know, like how it gets you SO hopped up on hormones every month that sex is all you can think about? But then, uh, you have to deal with the fact that you're HAVING YOUR PERIOD and not exactly feeling sex kitten–ish?


But technology is an amazing thing. And a new product has been invented to solve this frustrating prob.

No, it's not a menstrual cup (that's so 2015!). It's a menstrual disc. And it's called Flex, which maybe is a reminder to keep an open mind.

Instead of collecting blood, Flex absorbs it. You insert it straight into your vagina, then down to the base of your cervix. Which sounds far away and hard to get to, kinda like White Sands, New Mexico, but it's closer than you think.

And according to Flex's manufacturer, this gadget ticks all the important boxes.

(No, not that one.)




-Can be kept in for 12 hours

And it won't contribute to toxic-shock syndrome.

According to at least one survey, three-fourths of men are totally up for period sex so long as it's with someone they're in a relationship with. And a whopping 20 percent of Flex's customers are men.

So should you give it a try? (Assuming, of course, that your partner hasn't already FedExed you a package.)

As soon as someone directs us to insert something and leave it there for 12 hours, we tend to get a little suspicious. But according to experts, Flex is the real deal.

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"The design of the menstrual disc is more like that of a diaphragm or ring pessary, a device made for urinary incontinence," explains Dr. Nicole E. Williams, MD, FACOG, a board-certified gynecologic surgeon with The Gynecology Institute of Chicago. "All of which allow for sexual intercourse due to the fact that the placement doesn't block the vaginal canal."

The difference is that the Flex adds a "bag-like structure" which expands to collect blood, Dr. Williams adds, "and theoretically wouldn't leak during sex."

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So far, so good.

And so long as the Flex really is made from a non-biological compound, like a menstrual cup or diaphragm, "the risk of TSS," says Dr. Williams, "is quite low."

Dr. Diana Hoppe, MD, FACOG, an OB/GYN in Encinitas, California, and founder of Amazing Over 40, Inc., a health coaching certification program for women, agrees that based on the info available about Flex, "it looks like [there's] no problem if it's used up to 12 hours. There are no reported cases of TSS."

And because the Flex conforms to the body, "it shouldn't be felt by a woman or her partner during sex," Dr. Hoppe says. (If it does hurt, then you probably need to reposition it.)

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In fact, the only complication with Flex that Dr. Hoppe can foresee is that if it somehow becomes dislodged, blood may spill out. But hey, what's a little blood vs. the usual Carrie-like mess that is period sex?

And you also need to remember that, though awesome, Flex doesn't protect against STDs and shouldn't be seen as a form of birth control, Hoppe adds.

"Normally, when a woman is on her period, it's highly unlikely to get pregnant, but some women have irregular cycles and bleeding, so birth control should be used."

Still, mess-free period sex? We're sold. 


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