12 Women Get Way Too Real About the Most Mortifying Things They've Done for Love

coupleHis name was Josh and because of him, I suffered through an entire semester in a class on the Old Testament that I had zero interest in. He was going to be a pastor and apparently I thought that the way to his heart was to spend a whole semester hauling my Bible across campus. 


Ah, young love. So exciting, so powerful, so likely to make us do really embarrassingly ridiculous things to capture the heart of the one we desire. 

Josh never really did love me back, so all I have to show for our relationship is the ability to win the religion category at trivia night. I at least still have my pride -- which might not be something that all the women who shared their stories of the dumb things they've done for love might be able to say. 

Read on and cringe!


Image via iStock.com/franckreporter

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