Why I'm Living It Up Now So I Won't Cheat Later

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Getting cheated on sucks. No matter who you're with, how long you've been together, or how old you are. However, for cheaters (or even those once-in-a-lifetime offenders), it looks like your age might have something to do with it. Yep, there's a certain age we're more likely to cheat.


According to research conducted by IllicitEncounters.com, the age you're most likely to cheat is 39. In fact, the last year of any decade (ages like 29 or 49) is one to approach with caution, as those can also be "danger zones," given that many people tend to get to that last year before a new decade and take stock of what it is they've accomplished. Did I do all that I dreamed of? Did I become all that I wanted? 

In other words, people are more prone to a crises at these ages.

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So with that said, this only solidifies my understanding and appreciation for what it means to still be at an age where my last "9" year was 19. It gives me a greater appreciation for the people in my life who have allowed and even encouraged me to explore my world before settling into it. 

Despite the fact that I often scoff at those who insist that I use my 20s for dating (not serious relationships), an extended period of me-time, and self-discovery, I can't help but feeling like they may be right after all -- whether it's because they speak from a wisdom that has seen plenty of regret or they're just talking. Without taking the time to learn what it is that you want out of life in all dynamics, you leave room for self-doubt and thus a greater chance of self-destruction, which is essentially what cheating is if there was ever truly love to begin with. 

And as someone who believes in full commitment and monogamy, I can only hope that by taking time for myself, I will, in turn, give my future husband more time to heal, grow, and explore all that this world has to offer (relationships and otherwise) -- so that when we know, we just know.

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Perhaps we won't be certain that we got everything in life right, but we'll be willing to work with one another to figure out the messes we've made instead of seeking out another. Or so that's only what I can hope this period of exploration grants me. Young as I may be, I'm old enough to understand that life has a crazy way at surprising you. So here's to keeping my fingers crossed that the only midlife crisis my husband-to-be will ever know is joining a biker club.  


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