14 Married Women & What They Miss Most About Being Single

Woman aloneWhen I met my husband, I was living in a fairly crappy little studio apartment. The toilet leaked and the walls were paper thin, but it was cheap and I didn't have roommates. When I left there so that I could live with my husband, I packed up, moved out, and never thought I'd look back. 


But now, after 11 years of mostly happy marriage, I occasionally think about that crappy apartment with a bit of fondness. It wasn't great, but it was all mine. No picking up after anyone else, no sharing the remote control, and no negotiating over the correct temperature for the thermostat. Good times.

I shared my memory with some friends, and it turns out that almost all of us sometimes miss the single life, even if we love our partners. Click on to find out what married women miss the most. Names withheld to prevent hurt husband feelings!


Image via iStock.com/oneinchpunch

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