First Olympics Proposal Is Super Sweet & a Big Win for Love

Isadora Cerullo and Marjorie Enya

To say the least, there's plenty of action to come at the Rio Olympics, but nothing like what happened after the women's rugby sevens finals -- especially for Brazilian rugby player Isadora Cerullo, who accepted a proposal on the heels of all the excitement taking place in Deodoro Stadium. 


Once the stadium cleared, Marjorie Enya, a 28-year-old manager at Deodoro, went down to the pitch. Then, in a huge win for love, she proposed to the athlete and her girlfriend of two years.

In accepting the proposal, Cerullo, 25, became the first ever to accept a proposal at the Rio games. And it's only made more exciting by the fact that the proposal comes from within the LGBT community. 

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Enya told BBC Sports, "I know rugby people are amazing and they would embrace it." Not that that would stop her -- she's declared that nerves weren't even on her radar, as this is the love of her life. 

But, generally, this seems to be a big year for the LGBT community in the Olympics, as we will also see the first married same-sex couple to compete at the Olympics. 

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However, women athletes' sexual orientation hasn't proven to be too problematic for fans in the world of sports. I must say that after so much fighting to prove that love is love, the world is slowly but surely coming to its senses. I'm not sure if the love of sports trumps everything for sports fans, making it easier to accept for many fans. But, I say it doesn't matter what gets one to come around -- I'm just happy it's happening and hoping it continues to progress. 

This happens to be one of the subject matters where society's double standard tends to favor women, and with progress there will soon come a day when male athletes are just as celebrated as any others. But meanwhile, congrats to the lucky ladies on their engagement -- Enya set out to prove that "love wins" and she did just that. 

Image via SporTV/Facebook

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