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12 Nightmare Dating Texts That Make Life With a Cat Sound OK

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Dating sucks, ladies -- this we know. From a young age, we've been putting ourselves out there while wishing we could go back to the prepubescent days -- those good ol' days where crushes stayed crushes and you never knew what swiping right meant. The days when biological clocks weren't an issue and dating wasn't made to seem like a Page One priority. And these feelings are only intensified by being in a generation of Tinder, Bumble, and late-night booty calls. Needless to say, it makes everyone a little crazy. 

But, these 12 messaging fails (whether via app or text) not only serve to remind us of just how much dating really does sucks, but also how far off base men can be. Sorry, guys, but OPP is not a real thing.


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1Risky Business

While this man may seem like an anomaly -- he's not! We've seen it way too many times. The value in marital stock is plummeting. A ring means little to nothing to a lot of men.

2No Introduction Necessary (So He Thought)

It seems that this woman had no clue that she was giving her number out to a total creep. 

4No F*cking Way (Literally)

What the entire f*ck is this nonsense? Any text that needs a disclaimer, just don't send. Honestly, sir, you get none. 

5A Shot in Hell

Obsession exhibit B! After trying to explain to this guy that she wasn't interested in a less "ambiguous" way, he proceeded to railroad with a sh*t storm of insecure, whiny questions and false assurance of no regrets -- completely overlooking the fact that this girl had already told him she just wasn't interested. 

7How Charming

I can tell you one thing for a fact -- this girl never even hung out with this guy outside of work. And you know how I can tell you that? Because she's me, dammit. Welcome to my life and the world of creepiness that I experience on the regular.

P.S. There are hot dogs in this because he was inviting me to a cookout -- no weird hotdog festishes, here, at least.

8The Ultimate F*ck Boy

Mister, you've got to chill -- there's no reason you should be this presumptuous much of an arrogant a**hole

10Tragically Stalker-Esque

There's nothing more unattractive than a Stage Five Clinger. But, this person is on another level -- a level that's very reminiscent of Erika Christensen in Swimfan. No bueno.

11No Letting Go

Do us all a favor and reserve pet names for women who actually show interest in you. Otherwise, it's just downright creepy.

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