12 Nightmare Dating Texts That Make Life With a Cat Sound OK

Girl texting

Dating sucks, ladies -- this we know. From a young age, we've been putting ourselves out there while wishing we could go back to the prepubescent days -- those good ol' days where crushes stayed crushes and you never knew what swiping right meant. The days when biological clocks weren't an issue and dating wasn't made to seem like a Page One priority. And these feelings are only intensified by being in a generation of Tinder, Bumble, and late-night booty calls. Needless to say, it makes everyone a little crazy. 


But, these 12 messaging fails (whether via app or text) not only serve to remind us of just how much dating really does sucks, but also how far off base men can be. Sorry, guys, but OPP is not a real thing.


Image via iStock.com/KristinaJovanovic

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