Here's Why Your Big 'O' Is Oh-So Important

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Ever wonder why the female orgasm exists? If you're like most women, your thought process on this topic has probably only gone thus far: Feels good. Want one.


Who really cares why as long as you have them? (Frequently.)

Lucky for us that scientists don't get so distracted.

A pair of researchers recently came up with an interesting new hypothesis about why women climax. Spoiler alert: It has to do with releasing an egg to be fertilized.

You were expecting something more sexy, perhaps? 

Yeah, us too.

But this is science after all. And the research in question was published in the Journal of Experimental Zoology, not, like, Cosmo.

Here's the deal. The orgasm consists of three parts: A release of hormones. Crazy-good pleasure. (Not a scientific term, but one we can all understand.) Muscle contractions.

It's very similar to what happens in other female mammals like rabbits and cats. The clitoris must be stimulated and hormones released in order for an ovary to be motivated to release an egg.

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But, you're probably asking, scratching your head, We females ovulate every month, whether a man's around or not. So what's up with that?

Good question and here's the probable answer:

Scientists who published this latest research think that as the clitoris became no longer crucial to releasing an egg, it moved farther from the vagina. Still serving a purpose, of course. Just a far more pleasurable, less functional, one.

Of course, that's just the latest theory as to why orgasms exist. If it doesn't ring your bell, trust us. There's plenty more speculation where that came from.

Some other theories about the Big O include:

An orgasm is nature's way of rewarding you for having sex. Is that feminist or anti-feminist? We can't decide.

Having an orgasm helps you choose a good partner. Uh, yeah. Hope researchers didn't spend millions figuring that out.

No matter how amazing your O, it's just a ... biological leftover. You're not a man so you don't NEED to orgasm and spread seed, but eh, why not enjoy an orgasm anyway. Also known as the "freebie" theory.

Regardless of which belief you subscribe to, just remember the most important underlying truth: Overthinking never leads to orgasms.


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