The 12 Most Bizarre Ways Singles Like to Mingle Across the Country

Maressa Brown | Aug 1, 2016 Love & Sex
The 12 Most Bizarre Ways Singles Like to Mingle Across the Country

happy single womanIf you're single rn, chances are you're spending a decent chunk of time swiping right or left. But it's not your only recourse. A dating app called Clover hosts virtual "mixers," topic-based group chats to help people connect over common interests. They recently conducted a survey of 1.5 million users to find out what people are talking about in various cities and states.

For instance, it makes sense that "Nerds into Nerds" is the most popular mixer for all the smartypants singles in Seattle. And in Miami, "Fitness Fanatics" reign supreme. But some were not so, well ... expected. 

Here, 12 of the the most surprising group chats by state. Something tells us you're going to be wowed by what singles in your area are into ... 


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  • Kansas

    Image via localpups/Flickr

    Kansas singles are mostly congregating in a mixer called "Cute Pets." So, if you don't love dogs, cats, or even reptiles, you may have a slimmer chance at finding love in the Sunflower State.


  • Iowa

    Image via Sadie Hernandez/Flickr

    Singles in the Hawkeye state are really into video games, the theme of their most popular mixer. So, hopefully, you're down with your first date being a game of Pokemon Go?

  • Indiana

    Image via Evil Erin/Flickr

    Guess you have to be "the whole package" to score a date in the Hoosier state! The most popular mixer in Indiana is "Beauty & Brains." 

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  • Kentucky

    Image via Chris McFarland/Flickr

    Judging from Kentucky's most popular mixer, "Single Parents," plenty of people looking for love in the southern state are also moms and dads! Now, they just have to make sure they agree on topics like sleep training and red-shirting your kids, and they're all set!

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  • Maryland

    Image via YouMe/Flickr

    If you're dating in Maryland, chances are you have to like the Ravens, the Orioles, and cuddling -- because people looking for love in the mid-Atlantic state are congregating in a mixer called "Cuddle Club." Aww!

  • Maine

    Image via Jo Amelia Finlay Bever/Flickr

    Singles in the northeasternmost state in the US are searching for partners who are "Tattooed and Employed." Not quite sure what one thing has to do with the other, but whatever floats your boats, Mainers. 

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  • Mississippi

    Image via meenakshi madhavan/Flickr

    Apparently, quite a few single Mississippians have "Tall Girl Problems," the topic of their most popular mixer. Fingers crossed that once they meet up in this chat, their biggest issue is deciding which tall-obsessed dude they want to date!

  • Minnesota

    Image via Maurizio Pesce/Flickr

    If you live in Minnesota, don't be surprised if singles want to get a little risqué over social media. The most popular mixer in the Midwest state is "Snapchat Buddies." Yep, buddies -- suuuure.

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  • Montana

    Image via Universal Pictures

    Yeah, Christian Grey lived in Washington state, but it looks like more Montana residents are psyched about whips and chains. "BDSM" is the most popular mixer topic for Montana singles. As Anastasia would say, oh my...

  • New Hampshire

    Image via AMC

    If you're trying to find a mate in the "Live Free or Die" state, you better have a thing for zombies. The Walking Dead is the topic of choice for NH singles. How romantic?

  • Illinois

    Image via Mark/Flickr

    Surprise, surprise, a state that hasn't (yet) legalized recreational cannabis is all about 420. In the Land of Lincoln, singles are getting together in a mixer called "Sexy Stoners."

  • North Dakota

    Image via CherryPoint/Flickr

    Singles in the Great Plains state seem to want to find a partner who's as devoted to fitness as they are, as they're mostly hanging out in a mixer called "Gym Rats."

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