The 12 Most Bizarre Ways Singles Like to Mingle Across the Country

Maressa Brown | Aug 1, 2016 Love & Sex

happy single womanIf you're single rn, chances are you're spending a decent chunk of time swiping right or left. But it's not your only recourse. A dating app called Clover hosts virtual "mixers," topic-based group chats to help people connect over common interests. They recently conducted a survey of 1.5 million users to find out what people are talking about in various cities and states.

For instance, it makes sense that "Nerds into Nerds" is the most popular mixer for all the smartypants singles in Seattle. And in Miami, "Fitness Fanatics" reign supreme. But some were not so, well ... expected. 

Here, 12 of the the most surprising group chats by state. Something tells us you're going to be wowed by what singles in your area are into ... 


Image via seanandlauren/Flickr

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