This Tired Mom's Defense of Quickies Is Totally Genius

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As soon as you become a mom, there's one thing you wish you could buy on the street like crack. Time. Because if you had more time, you could sleep. Take a shower already. Clean your house instead of just concentrating on making it smell good/fooling everybody into thinking that you cleaned. Oh! And have way more sex than you are right now.


Ideally, sex with your SO is a long, luxurious affair that involves any of the following:




The Kama Sutra.


Did we say noise?

But when you've got a toddler clinging to your leg or a tween who refuses to go to bed before 10, shenanigans in the bedroom become rarer than a sighting of the Madagascar pochard.

Recently, blogger Mel Watts brazenly posted an update to her FB page, announcing NOT that she and her hubs enjoyed a long romantic weekend away, but that thanks to one kid at the neighbor's and the other napping, they had a quickie.

"I would hardly say it was romantic," Mel writes. "... True to the name quickie it was over before I knew it."

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She then goes on to admit that it also felt "slightly obligated." And how she's constantly turning her husband down because she's just so freaking tired. So saying yes this one time not only made them both happy, but made it so she could now enjoy the rest of the day watching a movie, eating chocolate, and NOT feeling guilty.

"Silver lining," she writes, "he's happy for the next few days and I'm going to bed without d**k jabbed in my back."

Check out the entire hilarious insta-classic post.

Are we glad she shared? Yes.

Can we relate? Sure.

Is her husband possibly mortified now? Maybe. But he did get laid, so maybe not.

But kudos to Mel for keeping it real and reminding us all that although lingerie, sex toys, and the like are awesome, when you're in the thick of parenting, sometimes you just gotta be realistic.

Take what you can get, and if that means 10 minutes in the hallway, trying not to wake the baby, perfecto.

Sex is about reconnecting, after all. And we can't think of a better (faster) way to do it.


Image via Mel Watts/Facebook

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