11 Fun & Frisky Ideas for a More Creative Sex Life

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If I'm to believe that variety is the spice of life, then it's pretty safe to assume that we could all use a little variety in our sex lives. Sure, it's easier said than done, but nevertheless, it's possible. With an open mind and a bit of communication about what it is that we want to do differently, we can all undoubtedly spice things up. And we did our readers a little favor to get the ball rolling by compiling some creative sex tips to spice things up! 


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Personally, my biggest bedroom pet peeve is being confined to the bed -- there are so many other places my fantasies take me and so rarely is it to my teeny tiny bed (a location of convenience). Perhaps folks can take a page out of my book and opt for a sexy jaunt outdoors -- or maybe try incorporating food, doing a sexy dance, or experimenting with a different position. My point is that we've all got something that we wish we could switch up in the sack, and for those of us who aren't sure how, we've got 11 creative ideas -- both small and large -- which are bound (no pun intended) to up the ante.

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Take a look at these sex tips that we found and try them next time that itch arises.


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