11 Fun & Frisky Ideas for a More Creative Sex Life

Kiarra Sylvester | Jul 27, 2016 Love & Sex
11 Fun & Frisky Ideas for a More Creative Sex Life
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If I'm to believe that variety is the spice of life, then it's pretty safe to assume that we could all use a little variety in our sex lives. Sure, it's easier said than done, but nevertheless, it's possible. With an open mind and a bit of communication about what it is that we want to do differently, we can all undoubtedly spice things up. And we did our readers a little favor to get the ball rolling by compiling some creative sex tips to spice things up! 

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Personally, my biggest bedroom pet peeve is being confined to the bed -- there are so many other places my fantasies take me and so rarely is it to my teeny tiny bed (a location of convenience). Perhaps folks can take a page out of my book and opt for a sexy jaunt outdoors -- or maybe try incorporating food, doing a sexy dance, or experimenting with a different position. My point is that we've all got something that we wish we could switch up in the sack, and for those of us who aren't sure how, we've got 11 creative ideas -- both small and large -- which are bound (no pun intended) to up the ante.

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Take a look at these sex tips that we found and try them next time that itch arises.


  • Get Out of the House

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    We're not talking a date night -- we mean have sex in a public space. If you're at a comedy club, sneak into the bathroom, or, if you're really bold, get a good rooftop view. There's something to be said for the level of thrill that comes with doing the deed just footsteps away from a crowd.

  • Food Porn IRL

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    Food play has always been a personal fantasy, and it's a good one. It provides a (sometimes) much-needed change without having to do all that much. When adding toppings to the foreplay process, you feed each other or tease it by seductively eating the toppings directly off of each other. 

  • Smile for the Camera

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    I've done a boudoir photo shoot, and not only was the shoot a thrill, but so was the process of allowing my then-boyfriend to see the photos. That said, it would be even more exciting and intimate for you or your SO to become the photographer -- snapping sexy shots of one another will create a playful and sexy vibe. 

  • Pick a Different Door


    We consulted sexpert, author, and co-founder of Babeland, Claire Cavanah, who let us in on this little something extra:

    The butt doesn't get its due often enough and if this is unexplored territory for you and your partner, invite it to join the party. It’s right there next to everything else and has lots of sensitive nerve endings that can feel very pleasurable.

    But, please remember foreplay before backdoor play -- really, foreplay before anything. Full disclosure, you don't want to enter the door without some type of lubrication, whether it's natural or not. It won't make for a pleasurable experience, and that there is how this sensual move finds itself on the no-no list more often than not.

  • Heat Things Up


    Cavanah recommends heating things up with the Bijoux Melt My Heart Candle. It's "made from soy, which has a low melting point, [and] it can be poured directly on the body for sensual massage." And, the best thing about these vegan-made candles is that the wax is also edible. 

  • Take a Playcation


    Ever been curious about a swingers' party? What about swingers' paradise?! Well, that's what Hedonism II is -- the perfect atmosphere to let go a little and try something new, should you desire. The resort offers a "Romping Shop Playroom" to guests, among other activities that are more aligned with that of average resorts, so there's no pressure to "play."

  • Dancer's Delight

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    Begin with classes. It can be a class in the art of pole dancing or lap dancing. Even if you don't decide to add a pole to your room, it will give you a major confidence boost in the bedroom, and that alone will do wonders for a renewed sex life. 

  • Let Him See You

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    Allow your SO to watch you reach an orgasm all. by. yourself. It's such a tease and creates an amazing buildup of anticipation for both of you.

  • Be Inclusive

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    Male partners will love you for this. Don't be afraid of engaging a man's testicles during sex -- they're fragile but not that fragile. Hum on them to the tune of your favorite song, grab them, play with them -- enjoy them. And, we promise you, he'll thank you for it later. 

  • Get the Kinks Out


    From one sex enthusiast to another, this book comes highly recommended from Claire Cavanah. Curious about BDSM? This guide from sexpert Tristan Taormino is the perfect way to explore what it is that you may want to ... explore. Turn yourself into a Christian Grey understudy overnight with this book of kink. 

  • Hit the Spot


    As foreplay advances, have your partner use the vibrator on you or use it during sex while in positions that give you easy access to your clitoris, like doggy style. You won't know if you're coming or going, and I mean that in the best possible way. We-Vibe's Tango can help execute this move, as it's nice and dainty, with the almighty power of a bullet. 

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