12 Women on Waiting (or Not Waiting) for Marriage to Have Sex

couple in bedThe decision about when to start having sex is a deeply personal one. When I think about my circle of friends, I realize I know people who happily started having sex in high school as well as those who proudly waited until they were married and so were well into their 20s before they did the deed. But as with many big life decisions, sometimes we don't always make the right choice. 


While most moms I know seem pretty comfortable with their sexual choices, after interviewing a lot of women I've discovered that there are those who have regrets. 

Reading their stories is a good reminder that when it comes to the complicated emotions, values, and choices that go into becoming an adult with a healthy sex life, there is no one right path. Due to the private nature of these stories, names have been withheld.

And, #5? Yeouch! 


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