10 Women Confess Their 'Number' & What It Means to Them

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When it comes to numbers we want to keep private, the number of sex partners we've had is probably right up there with weight and salary in terms of secrecy. We may know these numbers by heart, but that doesn't mean we want everyone else to know. But, low or high, is that number something we should feel bashful about owning? I threw this question about our number of sex partners out to a group of my girlfriends and was blown away by the range of numbers I heard and what those numbers really mean to us. 


Turns out, it's not so simple after all. A high number doesn't mean any one thing to all women -- in fact, the idea of a "high" number is all in the eye of the beholder anyway. For some, one partner was high enough. For others, it was not even close.

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It turns out our "number" means so much more than just how many people have seen us naked. It's also about shame and fun and love and regrets. There are those who wish their number was different and those, both with high and low numbers, who are totally comfortable with their sexual pasts.

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So, whether we've had one partner or 40-plus partners along the way, when we read about these other women's experiences, we definitely find ourselves in good company.

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