13 Women Tell the Sweet, Funny & Terrible Stories of Their 'First Time'

kissing couple Whether waiting until marriage or having barely waited until puberty, there are few moments in life as unforgettable as when the first time sex is experienced. The nerves, the excitement, the anticipation -- the feelings before the first time are almost indescribable. Of course, unforgettable doesn't always mean the experience was an amazing, or even enjoyable one.


All of those feelings can naturally lead to some fumbling, and some awkward moments. And there is no shortage of insane bedroom possibilities when it comes to two newbies trying for the first time. 

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I spoke with a group of women about what they remember about their first time and the answers were incredibly diverse. There were moments of real love as well as awkward encounters in the backseats of cars and even the presence of the band Def Leppard, just to keep it classy.

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From honeymoon sex to hammock encounters, we've got some hilarious true stories of first times that will have people giggling as they click on! And heck, maybe it'll help some folks feel better about their first times too. 

Image via iStock.com/Courtney Keating

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