10 Sly Ways Parents Have Sneaked Sex on a Family Camping Trip

couple kissing woods
Last summer, after my youngest child turned 3, I finally felt brave enough to attempt our first family tent camping adventure. We bought a tent and sleeping bags and had a blast watching the kids race around the woods and splash in the lake. It was a great family trip, but definitely not a sexy one.


Between the shared tent, the threat of mosquitoes, and the fact that our air mattress had a slow leak resulting in one of us always sliding off, the logistics of having some camping sex just weren't going in our favor.

Since that first trip, we've gone back several times, and yet I'm still a camping virgin. We've got some camping trips planned for this summer and I'm wondering if there might be a way that I can change that, so I turned to some of my super outdoorsy friends for their tips on how to get some outdoor action going, even if you have to share a tent with your kids. 

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