10 Sly Ways Parents Have Sneaked Sex on a Family Camping Trip

Wendy Robinson | Jun 2, 2016 Love & Sex
10 Sly Ways Parents Have Sneaked Sex on a Family Camping Trip

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Last summer, after my youngest child turned 3, I finally felt brave enough to attempt our first family tent camping adventure. We bought a tent and sleeping bags and had a blast watching the kids race around the woods and splash in the lake. It was a great family trip, but definitely not a sexy one.

Between the shared tent, the threat of mosquitoes, and the fact that our air mattress had a slow leak resulting in one of us always sliding off, the logistics of having some camping sex just weren't going in our favor.

Since that first trip, we've gone back several times, and yet I'm still a camping virgin. We've got some camping trips planned for this summer and I'm wondering if there might be a way that I can change that, so I turned to some of my super outdoorsy friends for their tips on how to get some outdoor action going, even if you have to share a tent with your kids. 

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  • Use the Car


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    "If we want to do it when we are camping, we just wait for the kids to fall asleep and then we sneak back to the car and get in the backseat. It isn't the greatest place to have sex, but it does bring back fun memories of high school!" -- J.F.

  • Camping Cheats


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    "Well, we cheat -- we camp in an RV, so it is a little easier to make sex happen. Our kids sleep in one section and we sleep in the other. We have a little partition thing, but we still have to be quiet. At least we still get to have a bed to do it on and we open the windows so we still feel the breeze on our naked buns!" -- G.M.

  • Lake Love


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    "Last summer I only got lucky once while camping -- and it was in the lake! My husband stood behind me and I was sort of floating on some pool noodles. It was more funny than sexy, but I like the memory!" -- C.D.

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  • Separate Tents


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    "We have a mom and dad tent and a tent for the kids. We still have to be quiet but we at least have the illusion of privacy." -- H.J.

  • Be Very Quiet


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    "Anyone can make tent sex happen, if they are willing to be super quiet about it. Just get the kids to sleep first and then go for it! Remember -- there are no extra points for longevity here. It is all about being quick, dirty, and quiet." -- T.E.

  • Just Say No


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    "Yes, I've had sex while camping, but, ugh, never again! It is one of those things you should do once to say you've done it but never again. Tent sex is TERRIBLE." -- C.S.

  • Get Close to Nature


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    "We took a family hike and while the kids ran ahead, we snuck into the woods and had a quickie up against a tree. It was scratchy and over very quickly, but kind of fun. A little reminder that we can still surprise each other." -- L.O.

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  • Tented Divider


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    "We just upgraded to a new tent and this one has a divider curtain down the middle, so kids on one side, parents on the other. It gives the illusion of privacy, so I think we can sneak in some super silent sleeping bag sex. Or at least a hand job." -- V.S.

  • Sleeping Bag Built for Two


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    "We got a two-person sleeping bag and figured out how to do sex in a spooning position. Boom! Camping sex objective completed." -- W.S.

  • Bug Spray Reminder


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    "Listen, I think outdoor sex is super fun. But take it from me: Even if you are only going to bone for a few minutes, you NEED bug spray. I got a mosquito bite on my labia. MY LABIA. That was a new level of misery." -- N.B.

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