16 Online Dating Stories So Freaky We Want to Quit the Internet

I've been married for nearly 11 years, and nothing makes me happier to be off the dating market than hearing the horror stories of my friends still out in the dating world. Most of my friends who are still looking for love -- or looking for the second time -- use online dating sites or apps. And nearly all of them have an example of an online love connection that turned out to be a total disaster.


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Dating is hard no matter how two people end up connecting, but when it's on the Internet -- well, people tend to let their freak flags fly. Or sometimes, worse, they don't show off how weird they can truly be. I know, I know, this is how love is found in the modern age. But some of the things my friends have told me about their online dates ... well, let's just say the word "horrifying" was used more than once. 

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Not to make light of another's plight, but one person's disaster is another person's entertainment. So, please enjoy these real-life stories of matches that seemed like a good idea on the computer screen but turned out to be ... well, not so hot.

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