10 Super-Awkward Stories of Meeting His Kids the First Time

Growing up, I used to like to imagine what my future husband would be like. I pictured tall and handsome, of course, as well as funny and kind. I never, not once, imagined he'd already have kids. But then I fell head over heels in love with a man with two sons and soon faced a previously unimagined milestone: the first time meeting his kids.


Meeting my now-stepsons was both nerve-racking and uneventful. They were 10 and 13 years old and were polite but a little cautious. I asked them questions and got one-word answers. They looked eager to get it over with so we had dinner and called it an early night. It took a few more meetings before we really started to bond, but that first meeting wasn't terrible, just a little boring.

I asked some other women who've dated men with kids, and it turns out I got pretty lucky to have had a boring first meeting. Read on for some cringeworthy stories of when meeting his kids goes wrong.


Image via iStock.com/ realitybytes

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