10 Sexy Apps to Keep Your Love Life Fun & Extra Hot

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The chaos of our daily lives can interrupt our love lives -- leading to a lack of date nights and a lack of sex, in general. It can be difficult to get in the mood when you have to put sexy times on the books or you've fallen into a rut that makes sex feel like a chore. Nonetheless, that's the reality for many working couples -- whether it's parenting, work, or both that are keeping the lovin' limited. However, if you have an app-friendly phone, your (love) life is about to change forever. For the better, of course.

Allowing you to come up for a breath of fresh air are 10 helpful apps that make for better, hotter communication between couples and put the fun back in your sex game. Use these apps to flirt shamelessly, to match up your most secret fantasies, or to find a room for a quickie mid-week. Even turn your next romp into a fitness competition or compete against your own best times.

These apps make it easier and more fun than ever. And to that we say, yes, please!


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  • Love Voucher


    Ever bought one of those love coupon books? Then ran out of the one you like the most? Yeah, Love Voucher has you covered with their templates that allow you to make your very own authentic and redeemable coupons for your partner. 

  • Hotel Tonight


    This isn't advertised for couples or anything, but it could certainly help for spontaneous rendezvous, as Hotel Tonight provides good, last-minute prices on a roundup of hotels in the destination of your choice. You know, should the mood strike you.

  • iKamasutra


    iKamasutra not only gives you the options of sex positions, but it also allows you to sort through sex positions by breaking it down into different categories, such as sex scenes from your favorite movies or simply the intimacy, complexity, and strength.

  • Sex Keeper


    For the fitness junky in you, Sex Keeper turns sex into sports or gym time -- tracking how many calories you burned based on the position you choose and the number of rounds you went. 

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  • KGoals


    The KGoal app must be paired with Minna's KGoal kegel trainer -- which together has never made working your vagina out more simple. They provide three different games for you, giving your vaginal muscles a proper workout, based on the individuals strengths and weaknesses.

  • Spreadsheets


    Spreadsheets allows you to track your improvement and skills in the sack -- and if you're thinking you're already great at what you do, remember: There's always room for improvement. 



    Not only does KINDU take the awkwardness out of discussing new sexcapades you want to try by allowing the two of you to separately select what you're more willing to try and then sharing your matches with each other, but it also allows you to send "wild card" suggestions to your partner -- that are anonymously slipped into his suggestion cards for the day. (Because who doesn't love options?)

  • UnderCovers


    Similar to KINDU, UnderCovers allows couples to separately categorize sex acts that they might (or might not) enjoy with their partner, and then once you've added your partner to the mix, it only shows you the foreplay moves you were both a match for. 

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  • Sexperience


    For the collector in you, Sexperience allows you to keep a going record of all the people you've done the deed with and where you've done the deed -- dropping a pin wherever you've had a romp around. 

    Yes, it's like having your own set of stats. Maybe, this is how you keep track of your swinger circles -- I don't know -- but it seems handy. 

  • 69 Places


    For the adventurer, 69 Places provides 99 locations for you to spontaneously have sex. These places range from public sex to the "vanilla" bedroom sex. 

    If you aren't creative enough to think outside the box -- this app has got you covered. 

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