10 Sexy Apps to Keep Your Love Life Fun & Extra Hot

Couple checking out app store

The chaos of our daily lives can interrupt our love lives -- leading to a lack of date nights and a lack of sex, in general. It can be difficult to get in the mood when you have to put sexy times on the books or you've fallen into a rut that makes sex feel like a chore. Nonetheless, that's the reality for many working couples -- whether it's parenting, work, or both that are keeping the lovin' limited. However, if you have an app-friendly phone, your (love) life is about to change forever. For the better, of course.


Allowing you to come up for a breath of fresh air are 10 helpful apps that make for better, hotter communication between couples and put the fun back in your sex game. Use these apps to flirt shamelessly, to match up your most secret fantasies, or to find a room for a quickie mid-week. Even turn your next romp into a fitness competition or compete against your own best times.

These apps make it easier and more fun than ever. And to that we say, yes, please!


Image via iStock.com / Martin Dimitrov

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