13 Sweet, Weird & Funny Things Women Found on Their Man's Phone

Wendy Robinson | Apr 29, 2016 Love & Sex

man with phoneOkay, I'll admit it -- I occasionally snoop on my husband's phone. He refuses to get a smartphone and he hates to text, so the odds that I'll find something interesting are pretty low. Still, sometimes when I see his phone just sitting there, I can't help do a quick scan of his messages.

I'm not sure what I think I might find on my husband's phone. After hearing about the funny, sweet, and sometimes borderline creepy things other women have found on their husbands' phones, I'm frankly a little disappointed that his phone is so boring.

Read on to find out what secrets some snooping wives uncovered -- the good, bad, and weird!


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  • Sleep Tight



    "I was looking at my husband's phone and found that he had a picture of me and my daughter sleeping on the couch together as his background image. I didn't even know he took the picture. I think it is super sweet, actually. But I probably only think that because I look good in the photo." -- D.E.

  • Ask the Doctor


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    "I was looking at my husband's phone, with his permission, and saw a text message come in -- with a picture of a penis! It was from his cousin, asking if a bump on it 'looked weird.'

    I should probably mention that my husband is a doctor or that sounds even weirder, right?" -- N.C.

  • Be Nice


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    "The VERY BEST thing I've ever found on my husband's phone was a text from his mother telling him to be nicer to me. I guess she overheard us bickering at family Easter and felt, correctly, that he'd been being a jerk. I love that she texted him about it." -- H.K.

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  • Daddy Selfie


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    "There is something really sweet about the sheer number of daddy/daughter selfies my husband has on his phone. Like, we are talking in the hundreds. A Lot." -- S.D.

  • Creeper


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    "I was looking for a picture of our daughter that my boyfriend took and I found a picture of me in the shower that I didn't know he took. I was actually pretty creeped out by it. Like, really? I deleted it." -- P.K.

  • Good Son


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    "The most hilarious thing I've ever found on my husband's phone was a series of messages -- one a day for like a week! -- of my 10-year-old son reminding him that my birthday was coming up and that he should buy me a present. I'm not sure why he was so worried my husband would forget, but I'm glad he had my back!" -- A.E.

  • Helpful Website


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    "Is it bad that I laughed out loud, like literal LOL, when I saw that my husband had used his phone to google 'how to give her a better orgasm'?

    Because: yeah, that actually happened!" -- B.T.

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  • Butt Shot


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    "I found 20+ pictures of my husband's boss's butt on his phone. He said it was for a prank he was planning. I'm choosing not to ask any additional questions at this point. I don't want to know." -- J.J.

  • Gotcha


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    "My husband was supposed to be working late. He was actually at a hockey game. I know this because his dumb-ass best friend texted him a bunch of pictures from the game the next day. Busted." -- L.N.

  • Shake It Off


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    "My husband still rocks a Nirvana T-shirt and plays in a garage band on the weekends. And yet, I found Taylor Swift's ENTIRE catalog on his phone. She is his dirty little pop secret, I think." -- T.Y.

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  • Delete!


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    "Our kids play on both of our phones, so we have a rule that all sexts and nakey pictures are supposed to get deleted. I found out that he wasn't keeping up his end of the bargain when my 3-year-old chirped, 'Look at mommy's bottom!' when she was playing with his phone. At church. Cringe city." -- S.F.

  • Selfie King


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    "So. Many. Selfies." -- D.R.

  • Hair How-To


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    "My husband used his phone to find instructional video on how to braid hair. I was out of town for work and our daughter wanted a braid for dance class. A+ use of the phone for quality parenting in my book." -- F. R.

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