9 Super-Handy Internet Tools to Help You Survive a Breakup


There are many things in life that are inevitable, and when it comes to finding the right person, that unfortunately means dating (or even marrying) a few of the wrong people followed by heartbreak at some point or another. Some heartbreak will be felt far more than others, and sometimes, you may be the one inflicting the pain. Nonetheless, it's an unavoidable part of love and life. 

Here's the good news, though. We've found nine sites that each have a good idea to get you through the yucky stages of a breakup in once piece. Whether you use them all at once or on a case-by-case basis, these sites are everything you need to get over your most recent love story gone bad.  


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  • Eternal Sunshine


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    Eternal Sunshine is a Chrome extension for those of us who don't want to unfriend our exes, not because we want to stalk but because our egos won't allow it. I'd rather keep you as a friend so you can see how good I'm doing without you, instead of blocking you. And while Facebook now has the unfollow feature, it's not always a certainty that they won't show up on your timeline with that. This app hides your ex's profile, feeds, wall, and photos so you don't need to take a Facebook hiatus every time your ex posts. 

  • Kill Switch


    Image via KillSwitch

    With Facebook notifying you of your memories from each day, it can be risky business keeping your ex's photos in your albums (this just happened to me). KillSwitch saves you some time (from untagging) and automatically deletes any trace of your ex's existence from your Facebook page -- consider every picture or status gone!

  • Ex-Lover Blocker


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    Once you run out of tequila to pour, you suddenly become tempted to call your ex and pour out your heart. We've all been known to take some major preventative measures avoiding the dreaded drunk dial. This app, Ex-Lover Blocker, makes you and your friends' lives a bit easier by blocking your ability to call your ex -- and it also sends an alert to your friends when you try to do so. Busted.

  • Breakup RX


    Image via Breakup RX

    You've just had your heart handed to you -- you can't see your shrink today and you can't have your girlfriends on call for a month of booze, Twinkies, and pizza -- so what now? Breakup RX, is what! This app was created by therapists Jane Reardon and Jeanine Lobell to help you get over your breakup with daily tips delivered to your phone, and check-ins.

    Plus, I'm sure you can do your check-ins while eating pizza and drinking wine. Soooo, no big deal that your girls can't come over this weekend. 

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  • Never Liked It Anyway


    For the ex who drowned you in gifts to help you forget he was such a douche-canoe, Never Liked It Anyways is a site that allows you to auction off your ex's gifts (or personal items left behind) to the highest bidder -- like eBay. 

    Don't believe the hype, money can definitely buy happiness! 

  • Sh*t Express


    Image via Shit Express

    For the ex who's a total @sshole, I find it fairly appropriate to send them horse sh*t in the mail. And with Sh*t Express, it's more possible than ever. Poo will be delivered to your sh*tty ex's door! How's that for dirty work?

  • RebounDate


    Image via RobounDate

    Sometimes we need a rebound and it's not fair to prey on innocents -- chewing them up and spitting them out as part of your mending process. So at least with RebounDate, everyone you meet is looking for a rebound -- someone to preoccupy their mind until they've forgotten the pain they're feeling. 

  • Spoonr


    Image via Spoonr

    There comes a point in your breakup where you begin to miss the intimacy more than you actually miss the person; this is one of the many ways we end up back in contact with our exes. But, fear no more: Spoonr is an app that matches you with people who want to cuddle, too! 

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  • The Breakup Shop


    Image via The Breakup Shop

    Perhaps this time a round, you've been tasked with the difficult job of breaking it off. This can be tricky and awkward (a feeling many of us opt out of), and "ghosting" is frowned upon -- so what do you do? Contact The Breakup Shop. They have a few packages that may interest you -- they can break up for you with a text, a call, or a box filled with items to help soften the blow (some really good movies in there, if you ask me). 

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