'Ghosting' Is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Dating

For the most part, we do not live in a world where you can stop thinking about your problems and they'll just go away. Usually when you try that, your credit score drops 100 points and your fridge starts to really smell, and honestly, neither of those things is very good for your mental health. But then there was ghosting, and with it came a universe in which you can literally just stop talking to your problems. That's it. You just stop, and it's totally cool and fine and unless they're creepy psychopaths, they'll stop talking to you, too. 


Can we all just pause for a sec and appreciate how fantastic that is?

As a person who generally does not like confrontation, stressors, or really any negative emotions at all, let me tell you: This is a dream come true. Never before has honesty been so thrilling.

Thanks to the ease of ghosting (it literally takes no words), I have a backlog of excuses to on hand, should I ever need them for dentists, parents, presidential donation centers, and everyone else I'm avoiding. You need money for the sake of the free world? Oh my God, I am so sorry but my sister is in town all week and I don't think I'll be able to. Next time, definitely. 

Keep your $50, ladies. Where you used to have a weak will and the tendency to donate to whoever got you on the phone, now you have ghosting and spare excuses begging to be used. 

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Honestly, if you think about it, ghosting is the mature thing to do. You could lie about getting food poisoning, but that's gross. And dishonest. You could slowly shorten texts until you're just just like "haha yeah" to everything, but let's face it: That's a waste of unlimited texts. Just be a better person and have them pack their embarrassment into one "Hey, haven't heard from you in a while!" message instead of dragging out a one-sided convo for weeks. It's the kindest option. Really.

I know that when you're the ghostee instead of the ghoster, it doesn't seem very kind. It's not fun when you're chatting away with someone and that person suddenly stops responding. It sucks! It does. But isn't that better than having to answer someone who tells you he or she is "just not feelin' it anymore"? Isn't it better than getting blown off for some vague, probably made-up reason yourself?

With those randomly generated excuses, there's always the possibility that the person really actually does need to work late for the third Friday in a row. Crazier things have happened, you know?

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But with ghosting, there's no guessing. If people stop talking to you, they don't like you anymore. One hundred percent of the time. They did not drop into a sudden coma and lose access to their texts, and they did not die. They are just ignoring you, and now that you know that, you can move on.

Look, dating is not an easy world to wade into. It's flooded with subtext, expensive cocktails, and awkward good-byes. But ghosting is that little ring thing that will keep your head above the water. I promise you. The world isn't ready for you to ghost on your medical bills or the stains in your shower, but it's offering you a dating lifeline. For your sake and mine, take it.


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