10 Common Dating Mistakes Single Women Make

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Don't you just wish there was a way to blink and have the person of your dreams magically appear on your arm? (If only it were that easy, right?) Sadly, there's no way to get around the whole dating game, which can make the concept of getting dolled up -- only to be let disappointed -- such a huge nightmare. This is why it's so important for us ladies to rethink our strategies in finding a potential suitor and, more importantly, not waste any more of our time on the wrong one.


Here to help single hopefuls is Karenna Alexander, a matchmaker and dating coach, who says there are certain things women do in the dating world that could be to blame for the current dud in their life.

1. It's okay to play hard to get. Simply put: Men want a challenge, not something that will come super easy. "Sure they [men] will date you -- and sleep with you -- if you aren't a challenge, but they really want to be with the girl who is harder to get; it's more exciting for them," says Alexander.

2. Let him pick up the check. If and when a guy offers to pay, ladies, let that man pay. You aren't a meanie for allowing yourself to be wined and dined. "Women need to remember that a date is different from a friendship -- or a work situation -- where it's normal to split the bill. It's his pleasure to take you out and court you -- so let him," advises Alexander.

3. Do make an effort with your appearance. Yes, people need to learn how to accept you for you -- but does that mean you throw all cares to the wind? Karenna reminds ladies that men are in fact visual creatures, which means you might want to put a little effort into your appearance.

4. Never put the guy you're dating before your kids. (Single mommies, this is important.) "Many women know this intellectually, yet when it comes to real life, they are dropping plans with their children to accept last-minute date requests," says Alexander. There's nothing wrong with a mom trying to get her groove back, but not at the expense of her son or daughter. Remember, men will come and go.

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5. Have fun being single, but don't get too wild. There's nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy yourself, especially if you just got out of a long relationship. That doesn't, however, mean you take things to the extreme -- even being unsafe -- by sleeping with tons of men, drinking excessively, and putting yourself in potentially dangerous situations. "Blowing off a little steam is okay, but many women don't know when to stop. This comes across as very desperate, and is typically not appealing to a guy who really wants to date you. He may think this wild persona of yours is fun, and may want to sleep with you, but beyond that, you aren't taken seriously," warns Alexander.

6. Chill with social media. "Let him friend request you first on Facebook and other social media sites. Failure to do so can come off as very desperate -- even pushy -- when you try to insert yourself into a guy's social media life right away," cautions Alexander. Plus, being "friends" with the people you date online can turn extremely sour, and even awkward, should you part ways. "In general, you should be mysterious," adds Alexander. "Less is more, and a little mystery is always better."

7. No social media play-by-plays! You would think this is a universal rule now, but nope, it's not. There are still plenty of people who try to document their entire date on social media. As Karenna says, "... it's rude, and men hate when women do this."

8. Stop sexting! That whole sexting business might not be ideal. "When a relationship turns bad, your ex can use your sexts against you. This happens more frequently than you might think," notes Alexander. Hmm, maybe the long-term risks of naughty text messages far outweigh the instant reward?

9. Don't bring up past relationships. "OMG, you're so much nicer than my ex. He was such an a--hole!" Karenna says too many women are turning their dates into therapy sessions that will make guys head for the hills. "Even nice guys don't want to be your therapist. They want the fun, lighthearted girl. They don't want to know how badly you were taken advantage of in the past," mentions Alexander.

10. Stop trying to change the guy you're dating. "If you aren't happy with the guy you're with, then find a different guy who has what you want. Don't criticize the person you're dating because it will kill the relationship -- or any semblance of it," Alexander points out.


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