8 Sexting Dos & Don'ts for the Completely Clueless & Totally Curious

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Have you been going back and forth on whether or not you should jump into the sexting game? While the concept of sending a super steamy pic might be no big deal to some, it's okay if you have a few hesitations -- or find yourself utterly clueless on what to do.


(If only there was some book for dummies. Well, there might be, but who wants to get caught with that in their shopping cart?)

Hoping to demystify your sexting journey today is sex and relationship coach Carmel Jones, who helps to navigate those in the dating game on her site The Big Fling. Here are seven sexting dos and don'ts you might want to consider before you hit send.

  • Don't overthink it. "Women tend to overthink before they send a flirty text," reveals Jones. Look, this isn't a final exam; there's no need to cram hours of time and energy into attempts to perfect a sext message. Just take a deep breath, and continue on with life.
  • Do be yourself. Why try to be something -- or someone -- you're not? The best sext you can send is one that reflects who you are. "You're probably not an adult entertainer, so don't pretend to be," advises Jones.
  • Don't be so uptight. It's okay to poke a little fun at the situation. "I'm so turned on just thinking of you. Glad I brought an extra pair of underwear to work." You see, that's sexy and fun at the same time. Let your hair down and have a real go at this.

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  • Do opt for photos instead of words. Should you find it hard to think of the right words to send while sexting, that's okay. In fact, who the heck says you need to use words in the first place? Carmel recommends shooting over a selfie or a sexy photo of yourself. "We all know that perfect angle," reminds Jones.
  • Don't be afraid of a little emoji love. "Never undervalue the power of an emoji when sexting," says Jones. You know, that winking face just might come in handy. (Hopefully the person receiving your sexts knows you mean business when you use it.)
  • Do send what makes you comfortable. "I was dreaming about you inside me last night." Too much? That's okay; just send what makes you comfortable.
  • Don't forget to build sexual tension. No matter what you do, make sure your sext messages are building up anticipation for the main event -- and we don't need to be reminded what that is. "Dip your toes into the water with something like, 'I've been thinking of you all day,'" says Jones.

Feeling kinky? Go get 'em, tiger.

(May the odds of a happy ending be ever in your favor.)



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