50 Daytime Date Ideas That Are All Sorts of Romantic

Tanvier Peart | Feb 12, 2018 Love & Sex
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  • 43. Bird-Watching Expedition

    bird watching couple woods
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    Okay, so maybe bird-watching isn't in our usual schedule of activities, but it can be fun with the right partner! Scouting for local birds is like a scavenger hunt to bond over, even if no actual birds are spotted.

  • 44. Bakery-Hop

    couple bakery
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    Who doesn't like eating some sweet treats with our sweet thang? Hop around to some favorite and beloved bakeries and try out some new ones! The best thing about this idea is that a sweet treat isn't as filling as a meal, so we can try multiple pastries.

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  • 45. Roadtrip

    car couple
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    Pick a scenic route, like the Pacific Coast Highway, and then take a long and scenic drive. Don't forget to come up with a fun playlist!

  • 46. Record Shop

    couple records

    Record shopping is one of the best ways to find out more about our partner's music tastes, which says a lot about them. Hit up vintage shops or ones with new vinyls, and maybe we'll find our couple "song."

  • 47. Hit the Arcade

    couple arcade
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    It's all fun and games until ... well, it's always fun and games at an arcade date! Find out who the sore loser is by playing some old-school arcade games.

  • 48. Take a Stroll

    savannah georgia
    Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

    Take a daytime staycation and visit the historical or more touristy part of town! Even though this area is always here, we hardly ever visit it when we're always so busy.

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  • 49. Photo Shoot!

    disposable camera
    Alex Melnick/Shutterstock

    We'd love to have a throwback day date by running around town snapping memorable pics with our boo. The best part is that the photos don't just stay on our camera -- we can have them printed out and hang them somewhere!

  • 50. Hot Air Balloon Ride

    hot air balloon

    Hot air balloons are gestures reserved for the category "grand romantic," but we think a beautiful day is the perfect time to whip this date out!

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