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50 Daytime Date Ideas That Are All Sorts of Romantic

Love & Sex Tanvier Peart Feb 12, 2018


Just because the mood for romance has struck, that doesn't mean it has to happen at night. In fact, who died and made it law that all romantic rendezvous must be in the evening? Don't sell dating short by not mixing it up from time to time. Daytime dates are an awesome go-to option for new lovebirds, as well as for those with time in the game. Not only can it help save money, but it also gives a couple the chance to try new things that they might not think about doing at night.

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Whether starting something new or reviving the flame in a marriage, day dates are a fun alternative to the typical dinner and a movie. But what activities can be done that are fun, but still feel romantic? There are plenty that we've found! From picnics, a couples massage, to a romantic trail ride -- these date ideas will make any day date feel intimate.

The key to picking a good day date is to find something that feels fun -- love traveling? Why not tour the closest city? Love to feel the burn? A workout date might just be in the cards. Just keep things fun and casual ... or try each of these ideas and decide which one was the most fun!

Ready to add a few curveballs to the social calendar? Here are some daytime date ideas that a couple should really consider to keep things interesting.


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11. (Early) Romantic breakfast

Even if it's not a weekend, breakfast in bed can be an enjoyable way to start the day. Just set the alarm clock for a little earlier and get ready to snuggle up!

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22. Casual Picnic

With the warmth of the sun kissing our faces, finding a local park to enjoy a relaxing picnic can be a great day-date option. (The backyard is also a nice destination, too.) Feel free to get fancy with it, or pack a bunch of leftovers. It's the thought that counts.


33. Hotel Quickie

Feeling frisky? Want to live on the wild side -- or reenact a scene from Sex and the City (the one where Carrie and Big meet up in a seedy hotel)? Consider renting a hotel room for the day. It can be a love chamber for a little "lunch booty."

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55. Classic Lunch Date

There's nothing wrong with sticking to a working formula. Lunch dates are a popular choice among couples -- so why try to reinvent the wheel? Enjoy!


66. Couple's Massage

Ahh, we can't think of anything more tempting than a day or an hour at the spa. All worries will melt away as a masseuse massages from head to toe. Book an appointment during lunch, or a full day of events!  

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77. Workout Session

Is there anything hotter than two glistening bodies working side by side to sculpt their muscles? Anyone else need to reach for the towel right now? Elevate heart rates with a hard-hitting workout session.

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88. Winery Getaway

Pack up the car for the day, leave the top down (assuming there's that option), and head to a nearby winery for some romantic wine tasting. If none are nearby, see if a local wine store offers tastings.

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99. Hit the Trails

Feel like getting physical? If so, consider biking or hiking as a possibility for a daytime date, and soak in the great outdoors. 

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1010. Enjoy a (Day) Cruise

Those who are lucky enough to live near a cruise port are also at the helm of a great daytime date. Many cruise companies offer same-day excursions that travel to local and nearby cities. Should this option not be available, consider enjoying lunch on the harbor -- or renting a boat for half the day.


1111. Work on the Back Swing

Four!! Let's perfect our birdie by spending time on the green. Golfing is an addictive pastime many people take up to relax and unwind. Plus, it also happens to be a good chance to snuggle up close to really "feel" the motion of things.


1313. Kayaking

If the weather permits, why not hop into a kayak? It's a fun and adventurous activity to bond over, and imagine the humorous memories made if one person falls into the water. 


1414. Beach Day

Soak up some fun in the sun by spending the day at the beach, if the weather allows, of course. Lie on the sand, frolic in the water, and sip on some tropical cocktails with little umbrellas in them! 

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1515. Flea Market Shopping

Hit a flea or antique market and scout for fun and unusual items! Maybe flip through some records and try on some vintage clothes. Even if nothing ends up being purchased, it's a fun way to spend the day. 

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1616. Ice Skating

Wintertime means ice skating dates! Lace up some skates and prepare to hold hands without trying to fall all over each other, although we've got to say that it's romantic comedy–level cute to do so anyway. 

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1717. Art Class

An art class is a fun way to tap into our creativity. Maybe our partner can become our muse!

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1818. Visit a Carnival

Remember how fun carnivals and fairs were when we were little kids? They're still fun now, thanks to a serious nostalgia factor! We can ride all our favorite rides and maybe play a game to win our partner the biggest stuffed animal at the booth? 


1919. Visit an Aquarium

Aquariums are the perfect place to stroll around in and stare in awe at the wonders of nature, while still spending some quality time with boo. It's the perfect date idea for those going on a second or third outing and wanting to switch it up from drinks and dinner.

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2121. Farmers' Market

Stop by the local farmers' market to pick up some of the freshest and most delicious food in the area! Look at the array of colorful produce, taste the ripe berries, and smell freshly baked bread, and maybe be inspired to pack a picnic. It's a fun trip for all the senses.

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2222. Volunteer

Pay it forward by signing up for a volunteering project for the day. Do good and feel good!

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2323. Fly a Kite

Windy day outside? Take advantage by grabbing a kite (and maybe a bottle of wine) and having some fun outside.


2525. Mini-Golf

For a more playful version of golf, head over to the mini-golf course! To up the ante, maybe even make a bet for whoever loses?


2626. Explore a Museum

Museums are always there, but how often do we actually find the time to stop by them? Visit one for a cute -- and educational -- day date, especially if there's a fun new exhibit out!


2727. Go on a Run

Go on a long run through a new part of the town, city, or neighborhood and take in all the sights while getting in some exercise. Even non-runners can jog at a slow pace and enjoy what their town has to offer. 


2929. Apple-Picking

What's more perfect for the fall than going on an apple-picking date? If the date goes well, then we would definitely bring them back home ... to bake some apple pie, that is. 


3030. Horseback Riding

What's both relaxing and adventurous at the same time? A horseback riding date! 


3131. Hit the Slopes

Hitting the slopes for skiing or snowboarding is a super fun date, even if we're only at the bunny slopes level! Plus, there's always the après-ski to be enjoyed afterwards.

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3333. Hang Out at a Brewery

Sip a few beers at the local brewery for a chill daytime date. 

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3434. Bowling

Bowling has been the date activity of choice dating all the way back to the '50s, so why break the tradition now?


3535. Baseball Game

Take me out to the ballgame! Order some hot dogs and beers and have some good old-fashioned fun at a local baseball game. 


3737. See a Palm Reader

Even those who don't read horoscopes religiously will find visiting a palm reader or tarot card reader to at least be somewhat amusing. Who knows what the future will hold?


3838. Sign Up for a Dance Class

We're down to get our groove on by taking a dance class with our beloved. Even if we don't have the best rhythm and can't remember all the moves, it's sure to be a fun time!


3939. Go to a Music Festival

Music festivals are the epitome of summer, and are a fun daytime getaway to see some live music and hang out in the sun. Even just grabbing a day pass can provide a nice sound-filled break. 


4040. Rock-Climbing Excursion

For a fun activity-filled date, hit up a rock-climbing gym or head to the great outdoors (but only if someone is experienced in rock climbing). Rock climbing is one of those exercises where we don't even notice we're exercising because it's so much fun.

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4141. Helicopter Ride

Channel Fifty Shades of Grey and book a helicopter ride around town. 


4242. Watch Some Whales

For those who live by the coast, spend a day whale-watching. Talk about relaxing. 

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4343. Bird-Watching Expedition

Okay, so maybe bird-watching isn't in our usual schedule of activities, but it can be fun with the right partner! Scouting for local birds is like a scavenger hunt to bond over, even if no actual birds are spotted.

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4444. Bakery-Hop

Who doesn't like eating some sweet treats with our sweet thang? Hop around to some favorite and beloved bakeries and try out some new ones! The best thing about this idea is that a sweet treat isn't as filling as a meal, so we can try multiple pastries.

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4545. Roadtrip

Pick a scenic route, like the Pacific Coast Highway, and then take a long and scenic drive. Don't forget to come up with a fun playlist!


4646. Record Shop

Record shopping is one of the best ways to find out more about our partner's music tastes, which says a lot about them. Hit up vintage shops or ones with new vinyls, and maybe we'll find our couple "song."

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4747. Hit the Arcade

It's all fun and games until ... well, it's always fun and games at an arcade date! Find out who the sore loser is by playing some old-school arcade games.

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4848. Take a Stroll

Take a daytime staycation and visit the historical or more touristy part of town! Even though this area is always here, we hardly ever visit it when we're always so busy.

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4949. Photo Shoot!

We'd love to have a throwback day date by running around town snapping memorable pics with our boo. The best part is that the photos don't just stay on our camera -- we can have them printed out and hang them somewhere!

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