11 Reasons Every Single Woman Needs a Mom Wingwoman

Friends drinking champagne against painted blue wooden planksGirl -- do not let spit-up stains and the occasional shuffled hair fool you: Moms are super resourceful, especially on the dating front. Consider us your own personal Mary Poppins and Fairy Godmother, as ladies with kids are notorious for making magic happen. Should you be single and looking for that special someone, forget calling up your other gal pals -- you need your mom friend!


Not convinced yet? That's okay. Feast your eyes on a few of these benefits to using a mom as your dating wingwoman. (You won't regret it!)

Your perfect mom and dating wingwoman:

1) Is really down for the cause.

No, you don't understand. In order for a mother to even commit to hitting the town with you, that means she had to find a babysitter, cross-reference her reviews, pump ahead of time, plan out her LO's meals, write a rundown of directions for the sitter, dig through her closet to find something to wear, and finally circle back to you with her RSVP. Oh, Mom is all about this mission and isn't messing around!


2) Can help weed out Mr. Right Now and his friend, Mr. Good Time.

Game might recognize game, but mommies have strong intuition. Whether they're questioning that weird guy who always hangs out at the playground, or are suspect about gimmicks that seem too good to be true, your mom pal can help you weed out potential suitors who don't share your same interests and objectives.

3) Won't rack up an expensive alcohol bill if she' breastfeeding,

"I'll just have a Diet Coke or a cranberry juice." Should the person you're interested in be buying, you can bet he'll love sticking around. #FreeRefills

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4) Can ask all the embarrassing and hard-hitting questions.

So, how many kids do you want? Where do you see yourself in five years? What's your family life like? These questions might seem a bit extra, but your friend is a mom. Stuff like that comes naturally now, so use it to your advantage.

5) Will harness the power of Google faster than you can say, "I'll have another."

As a mother, you're constantly checking the back of labels, reviews for playdate locations, and babysitter profiles. Trying to quickly find out more about a person your friend wants to date is a walk in the park.

6) Uses her "mom voice" to talk up your qualities.

There's something about mothers that screams trustworthy. Maybe it's because you know they are nurturing and always keep the best interest of their loved ones at heart. With a mommy friend as your wingwoman, you can get her to use her "mom voice," which will make everything about you sound all the sweeter.

7) Will keep you from entering booty call hours.

Um, there's a reason why folks say "the freaks come out at night." Unless you want to be about that life (no judgment here if you want to dip and swerve), allow your mom bestie to be the time manager. After all, she'll need to leave at an appropriate hour so she can rest up before her cranky kid needs something in the wee hours. 

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8) Is awesome at adapting to different situations.

Your dress gets snagged. Your pantyhose start to run. Have no fear, Super Mom is here! For real, though, you know good and well mommies keep the most random -- but useful -- stuff in their purses that would give MacGyver a run for his money.

9) Is notorious for dealing with all types of personalities.

Speaking of resourceful, if there's one thing Mom can do, it's adjust her approach to different people. Think about it: She deals with kids, whiny PTA parents, and teachers. Consider your dating life #handled

10) Slides pics of her kids inside your wallet as backup.

You're bound to run into a dud or two. (Sorry, but it happens.) One way to get rid of unworthy suitors is to shake them off your scent. Just pretend you have a few kids, and see if that helps.

11) Will help diffuse any blowups so you don't end up in jail.

Save your bail money today, honey; mama's got this. Who needs to throw a drink or spit bar nuts at anyone? You have a mom in your pocket who can de-escalate a turned-up situation into a mere misunderstanding.




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