The Best & Worst Cities to Get Married, According to Stats

There's nothing more fun than analyzing the hell out of passionate and romantic things, so let's talk about weddings. There's not shortage of stats and figures surrounding them, but new research from experts at WalletHub looks at something new: wedding locations


To get their list, the finance experts balanced three factors on a weighted scale: wedding cost, wedding facilities and services, and activities and attractions. Then they applied the scale to 150 US cities and let the math battle it out.

Surprisingly, Orlando, Florida, came out the clear winner with a score of 75.5 out of 100. Las Vegas and Atlanta pulled up in second and third. Coming in last were Newark, New Jersey; Yonkers, New York; and Moreno Valley, California (which had a score of 26, womp womp).

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When it came to cost ranking (which factored in average wedding cost, the price of a three-star hotel, and the price of a three-course restaurant meal for two), topping the list were Springfield, Missouri; El Paso, Texas; and Chattanooga, Tennessee. And naturally, cities in California and Hawaii fell to the bottom.

Here's the full list:

Obviously, there are more important things than where you get married (for example: how much you love your fiancé), but it's still fun to see how your city stands up. It's also fun to consider whether you'd ever actually have a destination wedding in Orlando. Would it be the best or worst decision ever? Only time will tell.


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