10 Women Share the Crazy Ways They Caught Him Cheating

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It's a moment no woman wants to experience: when she finds out that the person she loves hasn't been faithful. While estimates vary on what percentage of married men cheat, there is no doubt that finding out a partner is one of them is a devastating experience. From the disappointment, the pain, and the downright hurt feelings of such a personal rejection, cheating is one of the worst sins that can be committed against another person. 


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We found real women's confessions on how they found out that their spouse was cheating. And their testimonies weren't pretty. From suspicious credit card spending, profiles on hook-up sites, and the worst of all, the cat being let out of the bag by the kids (!) -- these cheating stories are so bad they'll turn any woman's hair gray. We may not know if there is an exact science as to why men cheat, but there are some real terrible reasons why they get caught. Read on for the real stories about how wives, who have asked to remain anonymous, found out -- in some often shocking ways -- that their husbands were cheating. We may never look at our partner's car glove box the same!

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