11 Crazy Excuses Single Women Have Used to Get Out of a Date

Wendy Robinson | Mar 4, 2016 Love & Sex

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Sometimes the prospect of going on a date is exciting. A cute guy, a hot outfit, the prospect of drinks and flirting -- all good things. But sometimes the prospect of going on a date just seems, well, not worth it. And when that happens, you'll do almost anything to get out of it.

When it comes to getting out of a date, the truth is not always your friend. Who wants to hurt someone's feelings by confessing the truth that you'd actually rather just stay home in your pajamas than hang out with that person?

Enter the well-crafted, and sometimes crazy, excuse. From giant fibs to sneaky twists on the truth, here is how some of our readers have gotten themselves out of dates they just weren't feeling.

Read on and hope you never hear one of these in your dating life!


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  • A Long Trip



    "I had been chatting via a dating site with a guy, and we arranged to have our first in-person date on Saturday. After we set the date, he started getting weird and asking too many strange questions, and I just got a bad vibe. I ended up telling him I had to cancel because I had an unexpected work trip. To China. For a month.

    I'm a kindergarten teacher." -- L.P.

  • Cramps Are a Mood Killer



    "I went on two dates with a guy and they were fine but not great. We were going to go on a third, and then he casually mentioned that he was pro-life and felt like women needed to have 'traditional roles.' Total deal breaker for me. I canceled our date 20 minutes beforehand by telling him, in GRAPHIC detail, that my period had unexpectedly arrived and was very heavy. He said he was sorry about my cramps and never called me again." -- K.B.

  • Not My Type


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    "My aunt insisted on setting me up with a guy from her work, despite the fact that I was 100 percent NOT INTERESTED. I broke the date by telling him the truth: He wasn't my type. Because I'm a lesbian. To his credit, he was much more accepting of the truth than my aunt is." -- D.E.

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  • Sick With a Twist



    "I'm a pretty big introvert and sometimes I just would rather stay home than go out on a date with someone I don't know and am not that excited about, which is basically everyone on Tinder. I bailed on my last date by telling him I was sick. Which is technically true. I was feeling sick of being around people." -- E.O.

  • Pink Problem



    "I went on a date with a guy who had a very strong, pushy personality. He was fun but too aggressive for me. We made plans for a second date, and then I just decided he wasn't my type. I tried to cancel and he kept calling and texting and saying he just wanted to stop by and say hi. I finally took a picture of myself and photoshopped my eyes to look demon red and then told him I was super contagious with pinkeye. That did the trick." -- P.D.

  • Babysitter Problems



    "I've totally canceled dates because I couldn't get a sitter for my imaginary children. Little Fran and Buckley just can't stay home by themselves!" -- R.R.

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  • Say His Name



    "I once canceled a date and broke up with a guy by telling him that it was too weird for me to date him because he had the same name as my brother.

    I have FIVE brothers with very common names. I don't care about names, but it worked at the time." -- G.R.

  • Kitchen Fire



    "I told him my kitchen caught fire so I couldn't leave. What actually happened is my popcorn caught fire, and I couldn't start my chick flick movie until I got out of going to the club. I just wanted to stay home!" -- H.W.

  • Jesus Is My Man



    "I met a guy at church and ended up going on a date, getting a little drunk, and having sex with him. Afterwards, I realized that he was not my type but he kept calling. Finally, I told him that Jesus had told me that what we did was so wrong that we couldn't see each other again. He stopped calling. You can't argue with Jesus." -- S.T.

  • Books Before Boys



    "I actually canceled a date with my now-husband because I was reading a book and it was so good that I didn't want to stop reading. I told him the truth and it turned out that he is just as much of a reader as I am. He ended up coming over with his book and we sat on the couch and read to ourselves for the whole night. Best date ever!" -- K.T.

  • Jail Bird



    "This excuse happened to me! I was supposed to go on a blind date and got a text message from the guy canceling because he said he had to turn himself in to jail for a short sentence for a DUI. Classy. I'm not sure if this was true or not, but either way, I think I dodged a bullet." -- K.O.

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