16 Moms Confess the Wildest Places They've Gotten Frisky

Wendy Robinson | Mar 3, 2016 Love & Sex


Let's imagine that a woman and her honey are taking a walk in the woods. They're holding hands and then she notices that familiar spark in his eyes and then, well, maybe they become one of the 57 percent of Americans who report that they've had sex outside or in a public place. It can happen that quickly -- take it from the women who confessed some of the interesting places where they found themselves getting busy. 

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When it comes to keeping the sex life interesting, especially once one add kids into the mix, it turns out that location can be everything! Sure, things can get a little tricky when the kids are yelling about where to find the jar of peanut butter at home or if work has been really busy lately and planning the typical "date night" seems exhausting, but the great thing about sex is that it is a totally portable activity. Which means that if by chance a casual Sunday hike turns into ... more, well, that's just a guilt-free perk of being spontaneous. And the truth is that more couples are participating in having sex in a public place than ever before.  

Read on for true stories of the wildest places some frisky moms have gotten lucky. Fair warning: Our readers may never look at a family restroom or a choir loft the same again!

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