Husband Pays Tribute to His Wife in 365 Sweet Sketches (PHOTOS)

curtis wiklandEvery artist needs a muse, and that's exactly what Michigan-based artist Curtis Wiklund found in his wife of seven years, Jordin. Curtis, a wedding photographer, had given up drawing for years when Jordin started a 365-day photographer project. Inspired, Wiklund decided to begin his own 365-day sketching project -- and before long, he discovered that the series was becoming a visual tribute to his marriage. 


"Very unintentionally, after months of producing daily sketches, I noticed that many of my drawings were of us," 27-year-old Wiklund told The Stir. "It was what naturally came out. I would see us in my head, what we did that day, what we'd like to do someday, and it was what just came out."

The fact that Jordin ended up playing a starring role in her husband's sketches is only fitting, given the role she's played in jump-starting his creative process.

"She loved -- and still loves -- my drawings more than anyone else, which is the only reason I was able to finish 365 days of drawings without missing a day," says Wiklund. "I'm not that consistent of a person. Her excitement each day to see the new sketch kept me going to finish the project."

So sweet! And so relatable, too, for so many couples. Each sketch is another recognizable moment, from bonding over home repairs to snuggling on the couch reading books to the excitement over a positive pregnancy test. So many of the experiences are universal -- even if Wikland's interpretation of each is still unique.

This sketch shows the genesis of the whole project:

curtis wikland

There's literally nothing better than a back scratch from bae!

curtis wikland

Wiklund is clearly in awe of his wife's many talents.

curtis wikland

And we've got to admit, her method for chopping onions is genius:

curtis wikland

Is it dusty in here, or is it just me?

curtis wikland

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Awww! And as much as this project has brought Wiklund and his wife together as a couple, it's helping to change the course of his career, too. "I didn't know I had a 'style' before I began my 365-day drawing blog," he says. "When I was forced to draw something every day, I started realizing I have a consistent way of doing things." 

Wiklund is now working on a coffee table book of his sketches (which you can see more of on his Tumblr). To hear more about the upcoming release, you can sign up via email on his site or follow him on Instagram.


Images via Curtis Wiklund

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