He Loves You ... but Probably Not as Much as He Loves the Dog

pet vs. mate

We all know dogs have certainly earned their reputation as man's best friend, but are the feelings you and your mate have for Fido stronger than your love for each other? (Wait, don't answer that one aloud!)


Rover.com, the Airbnb for pets, released a survey that revealed some surprising statistics that might just give your pets a swelled head -- and might give you and your partner a reason to maybe step up your game a little bit. Just sayin'.

Here are the most interesting findings, plus a little commentary:

  • 34 percent of respondents said they'd rather share a smooch with their pet than with their human love interest! I'm guessing these people's pets must have way fresher breath than my cat. (Sorry, Whiskers!) But really, your pet's love is unconditional -- who can resist that?
  • A staggering 61 percent of pet owners would end a relationship for their pet. Wow, that's serious. If you're allergic, looks like you'd better find a solution or keep those sneezes to yourself! What if Fluffy just doesn't like your attitude? Maybe keep a little mutton in your pocket!
  • Even in a challenging economy, 37 percent would pass up a job opportunity for their pet. Who wants a promotion if it means spending time away from Rosco?

pet vs. mate

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Is it really any wonder? Even though he might not always smell amazing, your pet is never going to steal the remote, nor is he going to side with your mom in an argument. If you're experiencing a case of puppy love when it comes to your pet, it looks like you're in good company -- just try not to alienate your human companion by revealing your true feelings.


Images via Olena Yakobchuk/Shutterstock, rover.com

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