The Strangest Things People Do on Valentine's Day, According to Stats

As much as you might pretend that you don't really care about Valentine's Day, it still tends to bring out the weird in us -- whether it's buying gaudy jewelry just because you feel you have to, or concocting elaborate fake plans to get out of a third date with the hairy guy you met on Bumble.


We all do it -- just in different forms. WalletHub released a survey about how people celebrate, spend, and search for love on Valentine's, and it revealed some kind of embarrassing (and some kind of amazing) things about us.

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Here are the weirdest, plus our thoughts on how weird they are:

  • A full 53 percent of women said they would break up with their partner if they didn't get a gift on Valentine's Day. Our thoughts: Ladies!!! Please don't.
  • One in five people will buy their pets Valentine's Day gifts. That's sweet. Really, really strange, but sweet.
  • 24 percent of single people buy themselves presents for Valentine's Day. This is fantastic! Do more of this, single people.
  • $1.68 billion will be spent on Valentine's Day gift cards this year. That's a bunch of money to spend on boring gifts, guys. Question: If you got a gift card from your partner for Valentine's Day, would you break up with them on the spot?
  • Within a week of February 14, 1.9 million Facebook users changed their relationship status. We're assuming at least 1 million of these changes are from people dumping their partners for buying them gift cards for Valentine's.

Want to judge some more? Here are the rest of the stats:

Valentine by the numbers2016 v6

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You might love it, hate it, or be in denial about it, but you have to face it: Valentine's Day is kind of a big deal. 


Image via Annette Shaff/Shutterstock; Infographic via WalletHub

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