11 Manly Valentine's Day Surprises for Him

Stephanie Booth | Feb 11, 2016 Love & Sex
11 Manly Valentine's Day Surprises for Him

Valentine gifts for men

Around this time of year, we all make the mistake of focusing on what we want for Valentine's Day. (And yes, it almost always involves chocolate.) But hey, don't forget to do a little something romantic for your man, too.

And we don't mean purchasing a mushy card, but rather getting him a gift he genuinely likes.

We've scoured the Internet for items sure to please guys everywhere almost as much as if you traded in your flannel PJ's for some lingerie. (And then didn't fall asleep at the same time as your kids.) Click through to see what we found.


Images (clockwise from left) via uncommongoods.com; sportsroses.com; thinkgeek.com; nunuchocolates.com

  • For the Star Wars Fanatic


    Image via thinkgeek.com

    Forget flowers and show your man the Force of this ingenius Star Wars Bouquet ($59.99, thinkgeek.com). Nine plush character figurines on dowels, tied up, of course, with a bow. Seriously -- who wouldn't want a long-stemmed R2D2?

  • Your Mailman Will Be SO Jealous


    Image via mancrates.com

    Excuse us while we completely generalize for a moment. What do men love? Opening up wooden crates with crowbars. Oh! And bacon. With Man Crates' Baconology Kit ($84.99, mancrates.com), your husband gets to A) gleefully rip open a wooden crate, then B) turn some pork belly into a delicious breakfast food.

  • Magic Beans


    Image via thinkgeek.com

    What do you get the gardening fanatic who professes to need nothing but soil, sun, and time to putter in the backyard? A DIY - I Love You Bean ($6.99, thinkgeek.com). Plant this little seed, have patience -- just like in a relationship -- and in three to five days, it will grow into a bean that says "I love you" on it. Altogether now: Aw.

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  • Ink Love


    Image via uncommongoods.com

    Think Pictionary, except you're using skin to draw on instead of paper, and you get the idea of what Ink'd the Tattoo Guessing Game ($15.00, uncommongoods.com) is all about. An ink card prompts you to draw things like "rabbits doing what rabbits do best," and a "body card" tells you exactly where to place this masterpiece. (As you might have surmised, it's for adults only.)

  • When You Love Your Man to Death


    Image via hallmarkecards.com

    If zombies fills your guy's heart with, er, joy, then check out The Walking Dead eCards (free, hallmarkecards.com). As you would expect, they're filled with hilariously gory sentiments like "Love you to pieces." Mmmm. (And if he's a diehard fan, he won't mind the included ad, which announces the AMC show's return on -- you guessed it -- February 14.)

  • The Gift That Scores


    Image via sportsroses.com

    What to get the coach in your life? (Or the football fanatic?) We have two words for you: Football Rose ($17.95, sportsroses.com). Each petal is handmade from real football material, and there's even leather stitching on the side. Insert your own "touchdown" joke here.

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  • Boozy Sweets


    Image via nunuchocolates.com

    Forget candy conversation hearts. Nunu Chocolates' Beer Box ($15.00, nununchocolates.com) says "I love you" much more loudly. Each box has six artisan chocolates in which a mix of different craft brews have been poured into the ganache. If your man prefers the harder stuff, check out the chocolatier's "Booze Box" for flavors like absinthe and moonshine.

  • The Gift That's Larger on the Inside


    Image via thinkgeek.com

    Husband a huge Doctor Who fan? If you are as well, these implant-grade steel Doctor/Companion Rings ($9.99 apiece, thinkgeek.com) will fit you like a Time Lord. Although maybe you'll want to mix it up and give him the one marked "companion."

  • Not for the Faint of Heart


    Image via amazon.com

    Your man all "Eh" when it comes to Valentine's gifts? Well, you can certainly rise to the occasion and give him something much more exciting than a stuffed bear that says "I wuv you." How about, say, an Edible Insects Ultimate Sampler Pack ($23.50, amazon.com)? You know, sour cream and onion Crick-ettes, an amber scorpion, Mexican Spice larvets ... Sweet, but not too sweet.

  • Doctor, Doctor


    Image via uncommongoods.com

    So many sexual innuendos to be made about this "Let's Play Doctor" Game ($16.95, uncommongoods.com) for adults. (You know, how it really will raise your blood pressure, wink wink.) But it's not just the medical professions represented here. This erotic role-playing game provides you with 40 prompts and naughty story lines. We're pretty sure someone gets to be a very, very bad principal.

  • Make Love & Art


    Image via uncommongoods.com

    Remember how Lady Gaga and her fiancé recently got all down and dirty on a canvas, creating their own intimate art? You can, too! This "Custom Love Is Art" Kit ($70.00, uncommongoods.com) provides you and your husband with plenty of non-toxic paint, canvas, and instructions on how to use. How you explain it to your family when you hang on the wall later is totally up to you.

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