7 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

couple kissingWhen it comes to sex, so many of us get it wrong. We aren't talking about it enough or being open about our needs and desires, and we aren't expanding our horizons when it comes to foreplay. I'm looking at both men and women. These tips are woman-approved and what men need to know about pleasuring a woman. 



1. Ask us what we like. Every lady is different and likes different things. We all have different turn-ons and pleasure spots and sexual positions that feel the best for us. Don't be shy about talking about these things with each other. And so if we haven't told you yet, just ask.

2. It's not just about getting us in the mood in the moment. We love foreplay in all the ways you would imagine, but you also have to think outside the box. These sexy things include but are not limited to: cleaning up after yourself, doing the laundry, taking out the garbage without being asked, not leaving the seat up, taking a sick day for a sick kid instead of expecting your wife to do it every time, not having your beard hairs decorate the sink after a trim, cooking dinner, and spending time getting to know how the vacuum functions. When our partners truly feel like partners, we find you a whole lot sexier.

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3. Get us in the mood in the other way, too. Simple tip: initiate. And that's not limited to the moments right before sex either. Tell us we are beautiful, let us know you think we are smart and have good ideas and that we are appreciated. That puts us in the mood as much as your touching and kissing us in all the ways we like to be touched and kissed. Simply put, it's not just BOOM! and we're ready for penetration. 

4. Think beyond penetration. Sure, all of that is part of it, but for some of us, intercourse is not the route to climax. Sex isn't just about one person getting off, and guys need to pay attention to what works for their partners, just as much as women need to speak up. Talk about the best ways to pleasure each other in sexy ways.

5. Know the clitoris. The clitoris is a beautiful part of a woman that is solely for pleasure, and it's located above the vaginal opening, above the urethra, and at the top part of the labia. But just ask for directions, because it's full of nerve endings and extremely sensitive -- and we all like different types of stimulation.

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6. A man's orgasm doesn't have to signal the end of sex. In fact, sometimes it's just getting some of us started. There is nothing wrong about checking in to see if your lover had an orgasm, too. And if she didn't, you should work on getting her there.

7. Making someone else climax is pleasurable in itself. Guys, has your partner ever given you an orgasm without asking for anything in return? Chances are that it was still pleasurable to her in some way. It's nice to return that favor sometimes.



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