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14 Women Capture the Magic & Messiness That Is True Love IRL

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One of the best things about love is that it doesn't discriminate. Rich or poor, young or old, black or white, we all get the chance to fall in love. This also means you don't have to be a philosopher or genius to have wisdom about love.

Read on for totally awesome and totally pin-worthy quotes from real moms who know that the real love is about the little things.

And not having to lie about your farts. I feel ya, #4, I feel ya.


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1The Choice

"I don’t love him because he is the only person in the world I could be happy with. I love him because he is the one person in the world I’ve CHOSEN to be with.” -- Margo G.

2Kisses & Coffee

"When he knows both your Starbucks order and how you like to be kissed, that is real love." -- Maria D


“Love means I can recognize his flaws and he sees mine but we’ve decided these are the flaws we’d most like to live with.” -- Irene D.

8The Thrill

“I enjoy the thrill, the drama, the hot mess of new love but I am only really myself in the comfort of long-lasting love.” – Diane L.

11Love & Laughter

“It is impossible to really love someone who doesn’t make you laugh.” -- Laurie W.

12Sticking It Out

"You can love someone and still think about divorcing them. The key to a long marriage is making sure neither of you is feeling that way at the same time!” -- Andrea E.

13Sexy & Safe

"The best part of married love is feeling both sexy and safe." -- Theresa N.

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