5 Ways Netflix Affects Your Relationship

couple watching tvNetflix is a life-changing way to watch television. But it goes beyond that -- Netflix affects your relationship in major ways, mostly good. However, your show choices could sway someone into loving you more or less. A new study has all the fascinating details about how your love life can thrive on the couch.


An Ipsos poll of 501 Canadian Netflix subscribers who were in relationships yielded some eye-raising results. We broke down the study to reveal:

1. Netflix can make you closer to your partner. As in physically closer. More people preferred to stay in to watch Netflix than go out to the movies. Now it's slip into something more comfortable, snuggle up close, and get that remote in your hand. Okay, okay -- "Netflix and chill." Sure beats uncomfortable movie seats.

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2. Your Netflix choices can make or break a relationship. Just like it's attractive when someone else likes the same kind of music as you do, the same goes for Netflix shows. I'd bet couples who both like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Wet Hot American Summer are destined for the forever kind of love. But if someone is into Black Mirror and the other one isn't ... well, might be a sign of trouble.

3. Netflix helps with communication skills. Plenty of couples break up because they don't know how to communicate. But Netflix can help! Like a digital relationship counselor, Netflix has couples talking it out and negotiating when deciding what shows to watch. About half of those surveyed said they take turns letting one partner choose the first show and the other chooses the next. So sweet.

4. It builds trust. Like the magical and huge moment you decide to give the keys to your apartment to the person you are dating, so too is the milestone of sharing your Netflix password. One in three Netflix subscribers reported that password sharing is a big step toward marriage (well, they said being in a serious relationship, but that's what comes next, right?). Nothing builds trust quite like having dates cuddled up on the couch together watching TV.

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5. Netflix creates a strong bond. It seems there really is something to this "Netflix and chill" stuff, this compatibility with watching the same kind of shows, with being able to laugh as loudly as you want and pause for snacks or making out and snuggling with your shoes off. Most all surveyed said that watching Netflix together is more fun and a great way to bond.

"Dinner and a movie" just died.


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