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12 Times Guys Totally Won Valentine's Day

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One of the perks of being in a long-term relationship is that with years of Valentine's Days to celebrate, our partners are bound to knock it out of the park at least once! They've not only gotten A BUNCH of chances to get it right -- or wrong -- but they also have time on their side. Hopefully, after a few years of trial and error and relationship bliss, they know what really makes us happy -- or unhappy ...

We reached out to a number of women in LTRs to find some of the guys who have really hit it out of the park in terms of Valentine's Day gifts. Men often get a bad rap about ignoring or "forgetting" V Day and flunking in the romance department, but we wanted to point out that it can and has been done. By men. Lots of times. And even ON Valentine's Day. 

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For proof, read on for 12 stories of guys that gave gifts that were sweet, sexy, and oh-so-perfect for the woman they love. Who knew an anvil could be sexy?

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1The Anvil

"My favorite: A real anvil. He says that it represented the incredible weight of his love for me. I used to do blacksmithing/welding as a hobby so this was a super practical and awesome gift." -- Christine S.


2Early Riser

"This upcoming Valentine's Day may be my favorite: He got up at 12:01 a.m. on the first day that an amazing restaurant was taking reservations for Valentine's Day and got us a 7 p.m. reservation. Then he made a reservation for that night at the nearest hotel and made arrangements for the kids. I am really, REALLY excited." -- Marta S.


4The Cabin

"He rented a cabin by our favorite lake for the night. It was too cold to swim, of course, but the cabin had a fireplace and the quiet was so peaceful. It cost about as much to rent as a big bunch of flowers would have, but it was so much better!" -- Marissa J.


5Kiss the Cook

"I got a red, pepper-shaped Le Creuset pot one year. My husband's friends made fun of him, but it was the perfect gift for me. This year, all I really want is someone to cook for me and do the dishes." -- Andrea L.


6Staying Home

"My husband is a chef and he ALWAYS has to work on big holidays. One year he called in all his favors and actually stayed home and made ME dinner. It was so romantic." -- Heather H.

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"He gave me my first orgasm on Valentine's Day! We'd been together for a few months and the sex was good, but I hadn't ever gotten all the way there yet. But he brought his 'A' game and it was AMAZING." -- Veronica D.



"I think I win! My husband popped the question on Valentine's Day, and we eloped to Jamaica that night. He had it all planned and we got married on the beach the next day." -- Gracie R.

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9Just Desserts

"Last year I brought [him] a sweetheart latte (I'm a barista) with 'sweetheart latte for my sweetheart' written on it. Found out that while I was working he was driving around town trying to track down some vegan dessert for me (poor guy went to like three places because everything was out). He gave me rose cake from a great bakery with a heart drawn on the box. It was really thoughtful, and funny since we both thought food!" -- Mia J.


10Artful Gift

"I love art, and my husband surprised me with an original picture from my favorite artist. I love it every time I look at it." -- Sarah J.


11The Gift

"ALL-TIME BEST VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT EVER -- my husband got typed to become a bone marrow donor, in my honor. This was long before our own child's health issues were known to us, and we did not know someday that bone marrow donors would ever impact our lives like they did.

"I had asked him to give blood in my honor for Valentine's Day (I am not able to do so due to previous medical issues, and I have benefited from other people doing so in the past), and John took it a BIG step further and became typed to a be a bone marrow donor. In those days, it was a blood test, now it is just a swab of your cheek. I was just blown away by this beautiful and kind gift and to this day it still moves me greatly. Sometimes the idea of this gift brings tears to my eyes. He has never been called yet as a match but you never know ... hopefully some day he will! Wonderful gifts don't need to cost a lot or be elaborate, just need to be thoughtful." -- Dianne P.

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