9 Brutal True Stories About Being Dumped on Valentine's Day

Wendy Robinson | Feb 4, 2016 Love & Sex
9 Brutal True Stories About Being Dumped on Valentine's Day
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It's never fun to get dumped. But, getting dumped on or around Valentine's Day of all days? That's just brutal. And, yes, it totally happens all the time -- so much, in fact, that many refer to February 13 as National Breakup Day. We took some time to talk to several women who have recovered enough from their own V-Day breakups to talk about how it happened to them. 

There are breakups and there are BREAKUPS, and a breakup on Valentine's Day, the made-up holiday on which the whole dang world is celebrating how wonderful love is, definitely falls into the all caps kind of breakup category. 

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Who knows if it's all the pressure or expectations (or that price tag on roses!) that make this day such a hot one for love to run cold, but Cupid was clearly asleep on the job for the nine women who were willing to share their real-life stories of being dumped on the most romantic day of the year. Grab a heart-shaped box of chocolate and read on! 

And take note, too, some of these stories do come with a happy ending! 

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  • Keep the Candy



    "My college boyfriend dumped me on Valentine's Day, but he still bought me flowers and candy. He said he wanted me to have the gifts so I wouldn't think he was too cheap to buy something. He still just wanted to break up. Gee, thanks?" -- D.B.

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  • Dumped Before Dinner



    "We'd been bickering all day, what I thought was normal couple stuff, but [we] still decided to go out for our Valentine's Day dinner. The restaurant had a 45-minute wait, so we went outside. We ended up bickering some more and then he got up and left. WITHOUT me. I had to Uber home and he moved out the next week." -- D.R.

  • Stood Up



    "After my divorce, I started dating online a bit. I connected with a guy who seemed cool. We decided to have our first date on Valentine's Day, which we both kind of acknowledged was a little weird. The day came and I went to the bar and -- he never showed up. I got stood up on Valentine's Day. How romantic." -- P.Y.

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  • Again?



    "My high school boyfriend dumped me TWICE on Valentine's Day. The first year he dumped me the week before and then we got back together. The next year he dumped me the day before. We got back together the next week.

    "We're married now and he has since fessed up that he did it both years because he didn't have enough money to buy me a gift and was embarrassed to tell me. Awww." -- T.B.

  • Secret Revealed



    "I dated the same sweet boy all through high school. We went to different colleges and I decided to go see him on Valentine's Day. I called to tell him I was coming. And he told me not to bother because he'd just figured out he was gay. We're still friends, and I still give him crap for dumping me on Valentine's Day." -- R.R.

  • The Note



    "I had recently started dating a guy and things seemed be going well. We slept together for the first time on the night before Valentine's Day. It was kind of awkward, like first-time sex can be, but basically okay. The next morning -- V-day! -- I woke up and found a note on the nightstand saying that he 'just wasn't feeling this' anymore. Yep. I never heard from him again." -- K.S.

  • Oh, Baby


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    "I found out I was pregnant and planned to surprise my husband with the test on Valentine's Day. The day before [V-Day], he sat me down and told me he needed to 'find himself' and that he wanted to go on a trip around the world. Alone.

    "I ended up throwing the test at him and asking him if [he] wanted to take a baby with him. I cried all day on Valentine's Day. Super fun." -- E.A.

  • Cheater


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    "I wasn't dumped on Valentine's Day, but Valentine's Day was the cause of our breakup. Sort of. We had a quiet V-day, just exchanged cards, but the next month I saw his credit card statement and found that he sent lingerie to someone else for Valentine's Day. Jerk." -- N.T.

  • Happy Ending



    "I got dumped on Valentine's Day, but my story has a happy ending! My college boyfriend dumped me, and I ended up going to a single's party at a local club. I drank too much, danced all night, and hooked up with a hot guy.

    "Ten years later and that hot guy is my husband. Happy Valentine's to me!" -- S.A.

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