9 Brutal True Stories About Being Dumped on Valentine's Day

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It's never fun to get dumped. But, getting dumped on or around Valentine's Day of all days? That's just brutal. And, yes, it totally happens all the time -- so much, in fact, that many refer to February 13 as National Breakup Day. We took some time to talk to several women who have recovered enough from their own V-Day breakups to talk about how it happened to them. 


There are breakups and there are BREAKUPS, and a breakup on Valentine's Day, the made-up holiday on which the whole dang world is celebrating how wonderful love is, definitely falls into the all caps kind of breakup category. 

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Who knows if it's all the pressure or expectations (or that price tag on roses!) that make this day such a hot one for love to run cold, but Cupid was clearly asleep on the job for the nine women who were willing to share their real-life stories of being dumped on the most romantic day of the year. Grab a heart-shaped box of chocolate and read on! 

And take note, too, some of these stories do come with a happy ending! 

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